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  1. no sorry, was sold last year. unfortunately the empty cab was lost to the elements
  2. Huge thank you for collecting all of the Lloyds prices. Really useful resource to have archived. 

    1. OriginalDan


      thanks mate, i don't always catch them from being away from my pc or sometimes ill miss the lloyds email and never know theres a cab auction on lol.

  3. update2: cab is emptied and is now free to whoever shows up first. i don't have any room in the garage so someone come save it before the elements take hold and I'm forced to break it down, so send a pm. the system box, coin mechanism, service panel, gear shifts and wiring loom are pending with another forum member. all remaining parts: power boards, wheel panels, will make their way to ebay in the following days.
  4. update: currently pending a response from Johnny said he can pickup the full cabinet.
  5. so far two are interested in the system nidulans and you, follow up to your pm is the small screens for the DJ music one side is fine the other is fine during gameplay with a line or two missing and doesn't display during attract mode. ill get a video of them tomorrow. partout seems the way to go, i might be able to store the cabinet bare in another shed if someone still wants it. since there's two interested maybe an open bid for the system box +whatever the winner wants and whatever isn't sold can be on here for a few days before going on ebay i guess? but first is an auction allowed here? apologies as first time selling on here. edit: i don't think auctions are allowed but haven't confirmed that yet, anyway nidulans is backup at the moment if nobody's interested in the full cab lot by Saturday then poidapoida the system +extras ya wanted in the pm are yours for 250 if you still want em by then.
  6. gday fellas so here's a beat up outrunners dual cab ill be keeping the CRT monitors for a time crisis 2 build asking $350 for everything else. shame to see it go but I'm a bit too much of a noob at this for a proper restoration and need the space. If you're willing to discharge the CRTs for me knock another $100 off. also accepting trades for working CRTs any size including desktop monitors, PVMs etc simple red channel wire or display cable replacement or hook it up to an LCD and its all good. with the CRTs the red channel on the left is intermittent with the adjustment board, the right doesn't display red and is a bit dim however both screens display fine when i hooked up so it's just the display cables. haven't tested the sound as speakers are usually in the seats, if some speakers i ordered arrive soon i can test em and update this, seller claimed sound was working but didn't tell me about red channel issue until pickup so who knows, consider sound untested for the moment. If there's enough interest in internal parts i can ship them +post. but then id have no use for the cabinet itself and need the space for other projects so itad have to be tossed and noone wants to see that. Located Ballarat Sebastopol area arrange your own courier or pick up only After Victoria lockdowns lift.
  7. update on ThrillDrive took the pcbs apart and got images of em after putting the left side back together it's not displaying anything now �, right side still flashes 'er' '01' which that manual i thought was for the first game turns out is just a copy of the 2nd game :| couple hours of scanning wasted lol. Found a dt-830b picked two chips to read on both boards Triple checked everything was plugged up the same but yeah no dice for the left now. chips datasheets: MX27C4096DC-12 and SN74LS393N the SN mentions minimum voltage 4.75 so left side is definitely not getting enough power, Maybe something was on its way out hence the error before? it doesn't use an AT style power supply with an adjustable 5v rail, so i don't know what to do if it's not getting enough power? gonna email jomac see if he has any info from whenever he serviced it. still waiting on bunnings to restock a ryobi air compressor so i can clean the pcbs should i use iso/pcb cleaner or simple green or both on these boards? i picked up some distilled water as well. my noob observations: images 05 & 06 chip been replaced at some point 08 sharc chip bit iffy looking 13 the Right network(?) pcb has some tracers scratched off and others look worn. could be why its giving er01 but if it's just for networking it should boot solo fine? ill have to try with the other sides pcb tomorrow. 14-15 cap looks worn but doesn't appear to have leaked. 21-24 underside of the crt chassis both have an odd mod on them, atleast the left side we know displays fine, right side 'should' be okay as i can see it the display power off so the pcbs i guess aient posting with that er01 anyone know what the display connectors for the Toshiba chassis is called? the Zenith ones use cga so i was able to hook up TC2 to em for testing but not so with the toshiba ones. and does anyone sell straight cga to vga? all i can find are converter boards. any suggestions greatly appreciated I'm kinda stumped on this one.
  8. just a quick air duster spray and re-seat of the game pcbs i/o, didn't touch any of the CRT power sections. do you recommend any specific methods? would a conductive brush with a anti static strap do? and/or pcb cleaner? i got a couple of these cans but haven't used em yet. cleaned many a desktop pc but arcades being a lot more complex and older hardware I'm not sure what is/isn't the go for cleaning em especially a chassis that aient discharged? seriously considering an ultrasonic cleaner however the halfway decent ones are around $300+ for a 10l with a tank size of roughly 30x24x15 so that wouldn't help much with big 40x48ish+ pcbs of these cabs, unless i had the lid off and go half by half though it's not recommended to use those without the lid, even 30l ones at $600+ are around 55x30cm maybe not worth it
  9. Outrunners Left CRT red colour channel is intermittent the Right doesn't display red colour at all. if i move the adjustment pcb for the Left CRT it does very occasionally display red hopefully a simple cable replacement for both however not sure what these connections are called CGA to wells gardner? video showing side by side 7seconds in the left screen red channel goes so hopefully its a simple cable replacement for that one, the right screen is a lot dimmer chucking brightness up just blows out the whole image. ​​​ otherwise the game appears to function as expected, haven't got speakers to test the sound yet as i didn't know this game only had speakers in the seats which weren't included, rookie lesson learned always ask questions haha. CRT models are: Zenith G-A63ADG25X 04RC0105-009 was planning on using the CRTs for Time Crisis 2 setup as i think they're 15khz whereas the Thrill Drive might be 30khz? read around that namco lightgun games don't always work with 30khz? if someones interested in the Outrunners internals or the cab for their own projects let me know, if we can get the CRTs red channel going i was going to sell the lot minus the CRTs here. Though it is mighty tempting to refurbish it even with my non existent woodworking skills. i bought some pcb cleaner from jaycar other than taking mobo batteries out, is anything i shouldn't douse the stuff on? manual 1 manual 2
  10. ​gday still new at this (been researching and buying a lot since November for me TC2 build) anyway bought a Thrill Drive 1 cab from lloyds and Outrunners off ebay, is there anyone in or near Ballarat area that could help show how to safely discharge CRTs? as i've never worked with them before and read a lot of horror stories haha. Thrill Drive was advertised as only Left side working however said side displays: <Device Check Failed> under Graphics Board ID0 DSP Devices 15T BAD 9R BAD video shows boot sequence, it goes in a loop. I did do a quick clean with a "opolar Cordless Air Duster" (which is total junk by the way i should've bought a DataVac) also tried booting a few times before i realized the back panel needs to be on for the entire system to boot so i hope i didn't short anything? anyone know how to disable this? would make troubleshooting a whole lot easier otherwise the back panel has to be on properly for it to boot. luckily in the coin box was a copy of the manual because i couldn't for the life of me find Any other copies aside from the conversion pdfs scanned and uploaded it to arcade-museum and archive.org strangely it starts at page14 and is in chinese for a few then the rest is in english. if anyone has a better manual copy please upload it. Right side CRT doesn't power on. both are: Model K29CR55 Toshiba A68KJU96X E39164 LR27012 6K in the images "9.0 right CRT right power" has some shielding broken to reveal some red box could be the culprit for it not powering on? and on 13.0 transformer there's 2wires cut for what i don't know. Other than that i don't see anything out of the ordinary Outrunners post below due to 30image limit
  11. oh do you have a link for what they where asking for? tried looking for previous auctions but usually deadlinks or no info I'm just looking to get one for a home setup, long term project plan is to find lighter monitors and build as portable of a setup as possible. likely with a small mame pc ontop haha. but yeah first challenge is getting one that isn't dead/dying. edit: update Highway entertainment doesn't have anything TC2 related at the moment :/
  12. thanks i sent em an email, doesn't look like there's anything TC2 related on the site currently but here's hoping. and yea delivery or shipping of a full dual cab from outside victoria might be a bit too much but we'll see.
  13. TLDR: Tying to figure out what the minimum hardware is needed for a dual setup, what custom parts can be used with or without JAMMA and if more than 2x ATX power supplies are needed. Someone mentioned here both systems need to be the same software revision, but if not could one system be updated to the same revision? if they don't come from the same dual cabinet is it still possible to hook them up in 2 player? i understand theres 3 versions of the System 23, the super and the 2nd super revision? if two systems are from the same revision but not the same dual cabinet could they still be hooked up? other site comments mentioned needing the I/O board or the systems wont boot, is that all that's required to boot and play? Is the AMP required? or could other amp/speaker configurations work? the dual cabs have a specific dual amp to sync up sound so I'm guessing no on that one? Would any CRT work or only specific types function with the lightguns? a lot of photos/sellers appear to have em hooked up non standard monitors. What could be done with JAMMA on these systems? still acquainting myself on the basics of what jamma stuff is/can/can't do but could non standard guns/foot pedals be used? seems the lightguns are more rare and expensive than the pcbs unless I've been unlucky with timing ebay searches lol. if someone has just the internals or badly cosmetic damaged lightguns i can model and 3d print the plastic parts. Appears the guns have their own power supply does that need to be separate or could a modern PSU with adapters pull double duty? the powersupply requirements in general are a bit confusing, each system i think needs 1 ATX PSU each with adapters however in this image there's a 230volt supply on the left there i assume is for the lightguns? (image was from this website that has some other internal shots) yet other setups show this 24v DC Power Pro Power Supply which i think you only need the 1 for both guns? New to this but I'm used to figuring out old pc hardware though this is a whole other world, plus there's fairly limited documentation (or I'm not looking in the right places) If there's any info on this stuff please point me in the right direction and if anyone selling dual system 23s please let me know and thanks for your time. :)
  14. After a 2 player Time Crisis 2 setup, be it cabinet or system 23's ideally with extra power supplies i/o lightguns and bits to get it running. willing to pay for shipping if you're outside victoria.
  15. Heyo joined up in hopes to find a duel Time Crisis 2 system, New to this stuff so it's gonna be tough tracking down someone with 2 working compatible systems/psus/guns etc but if anyone knows anyone/anywhere selling a duel cab let me know :)
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