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  1. PM sent for Alpha Mission 2, mate 😉 T
  2. Received safe'n sound :) Thanks mate, happy with the gear! T
  3. Let me dig up an ebay link... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/391048198072?hash=item5b0c49f7b8:g:Zs4AAOSwqG5dMUxf May not be the seller I bought from, but exactly the same product. There's even some range in colours if you hunt around. I can't remember what size chair leg/feet I bought from Bunnings to replace the castors but a touch less that the diameter of the legs will do it. They've put up with my rotund frame for ages now without missing a beat! Best of luck with it ;)
  4. Hey gsuttor ;) You may be after those classic hour glass plastic numbers, I don't know, but in the spirit of legit comfort and adjustable height range I grabbed a couple of $40 Salon stools and couldn't be happier. Padded top with decent upholstery too. They shipped with casters like an office chair, but I omitted these and picked up some rubber chair feet from Bunnings for a few bucks a pack and they are superb. Cheers mate. T
  5. G'day AK Exhuming a super old thread here mate. My apologies if it's fallen completely out of relevance, but wondered if any of the remaining carts are still available? I would be keen to grab a few if so. Not fussed on region, label quality, etc. All the best to ya! T
  6. G'day fellas ;) Yeah, not a bad idea on the NeoSD or Darksoft carts. I picked up one of those nasty 161 in 1 yellow multi carts, but it's flakey at best. Even after some tuning up. What can you expect for that sorta price point. Cheers none the less.
  7. G'day guys. I'm a new'ish member here and first off, really stoked to've found such a welcoming and knowledgeable arcade community in little ol' OZ. Long story short, and much to the wife's dismay, I've rekindled my infatuation with the Neo Geo MVS and many other arcade platforms for that matter. Super keen to talk to anyone here who has MVS carts you'd be willing to sell. Not fussed on label region, or condition (within reason), as long as the boards and chips are original (and functional :D). I'm not a completionist, so loose carts are fine, just after the games I'll actually play. Below are some of the titles I'd love to pick up. Some common, others less so. Happy to negotiate on price and bundle a few together if you have 'em to sell. 3 Count Bout Alpha Mission II Art of Fighting (first one) Baseball Stars 2 Blues Journey Garou Mark of the Wolves -------> (probably too pricey for me, but ya never know) Ghost Pilots Kabuki Klash KOF 2002 KOF 2003 -----------------------------> (only cartridge version on this one) King of the Monsters 2 Last Blade 2 Last Resort Magician Lord Metal Slug 5 -------------------------> (only cartridge version on this one) Mutation Nation Pulstar and Blazing Star --------> (might a stretch on the 'Star games :o) Rage of the Dragons Robo Army Sengoku Sengoku 2 Spin Master The Super Spy SVC Chaos Top Hunter Viewpoint Waku Waku 7 Now, there's a few bigger ticket games in there and I'm certainly not made of money (or gunning for a divorce), but keen to chat and see where we land. Could also be lured into other titles, let me know what you have spare :) Thanks heaps guys Toby
  8. Just wanted to post some solid feedback for MegaIndo. I recently grabbed a small bundle of carts and it all went really well. Very friendly, obliging service, supplying PCB snaps and even short phone vids of the games running. Carts arrived safe and sound and were packed superbly. All original and functional. As long as an orders combined value is sufficient to justify the EMS/DHL shipping to OZ, can certainly recommend. T ;)
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