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  1. I've decided to part with my DE Turtles to make room for something else. The playfield is in pre-loved condition & everything is original (because you don't mess with a classic right?) Trav repaired the board a year or so ago so it's all working well, apart from the auto-kicker which sometimes doesn't get the ball up the ramp by itself. Common issue on these apparently - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tmnt-auto-kicker-driving-me-crazy Other than that these are getting hard to find and are a pretty cool pop culture themed pin. Looking for 4.5k or best offer ** SOLD ** Located in Brisbane
  2. Looking for a DM in decent condition. I'm also offloading my DE Turtles if anyone's willing to do a trade + cash their way.
  3. Chasing a PS2 kiosk if anyone knows of one for sale. There's a couple of different designs but here's an example
  4. I'll trade you my DE TMNT 😄 Not many around anymore. Real collectors piece!
  5. Not sure if anyone else has posted this but just came across this article showing a pinball created out of K'nex https://hackaday.com/2021/05/07/knex-pinball-machine-is-a-playable-work-of-art/
  6. Hey mate, what size & model is that?
  7. Argh I only just saw this. Whens the next one :D
  8. Watch out for the "AA discount off facebook price". You'll soon get a message on FB from old Nazi boy 😂 That cracks me up.. I can't believe he actually worries about people listing it elsewhere cheaper. So lame. Good luck with the sale though 😉
  9. Thanks for your reply @Autosteve ! I'll grab another fluro for the front bottom and see how it goes :)
  10. Ok so I have the top fluro working. New tube, new starter and 2 new 240v fuses. The 2 lower fluro's I can't get working though. I only have one new fluro for the bottom so I replaced the visible one you can see in the pic & thought it would've worked. I also tried a new starter in each of the sockets I've marked out. My question is (apart from why isn't it working 😅), could it be run in-line or something? Could it have something to do with the other fluro behind the metal part of the door that's dead causing the other not to work? I haven't tested if there's actually power getting to it yet because I can't find my voltmeter, but I don't see why it wouldn't be getting power. I'm sure this is mega easy but I'm struggling for some reason 😂
  11. Looking for a Demolition Man or DE Jurassic Park
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