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  1. Sited machines - sometimes the bar/whatever that didn't have a key would scribble on the coins they had to give the punters if there was some kind of stuff up (hang/some idiot unplugged it mid game etc) - and the scribbled coins were meant to be given back to the site by the operator...
  2. My WMS Indiana Jones: I found a 25 PTAS coin being used as a washer holding on a terrible hack (opto flippers replaced with EM style tungsten switches). It certainly showed off where the hackery and this machine came from.. Pesatas are a spanish coin, and the mech was set up for 100 PTAS. The 25PTAS coin must have been "handy" as the coin already has a hole in the middle. If I can find it again I will nab a pic... Then I got it in Brisbane about 15 years ago, now in Syd. It sure has covered a bit of the world...
  3. I have a knock off Aoyue unit that has a similar gun. The vac chamber however is black and made of the same "heat resistant" (but obviously cheap) plastic as the rest of the gun. I have not had melting issues with it. Parts for these things are rare to find - unless you have a "real brand" - and then their parts can cost the same as a knockoff complete gun 😕 I don't know what on earth has happened with Aoyue as a brand, but looking on ebay the prices seem very high nowadays for what they are - so not sure that is a great avenue either.
  4. not a bad price for a "not ebay" seller really. You can save some money but have to wait for delivery and never be 100% sure what you really get - so if the Jaycar ones work out that is good news for you.
  5. https://www.linengineering.com/resources/wiring-diagrams Red - GREEN Yellow- BLACK Brown- RED Orange - BLUE As long as the wiring for both are standard (and they should be). If you get it wrong, nothing will blow up - but the motor may stutter or run backwards.
  6. I have just the faceplate, with some vandal damage. Labelled as Alvin G in faint gold rather than microcoin but it is the same unit. Pics showing the damage. If you are trying to fill a gaping hole then it might be OK. Even a bit of heatgun love might improve it. If this can help out, let me know.
  7. @Gemini2544 I'm tempted however the thing is powdering away and has a gnarly texture to it. @wiredoug I just found it there. I'll hold out until I need some other parts to even out the shipping. Thanks guys!
  8. RTBB is out of stock... I am OK with old parts, it's just that mine looks awful - and considering it is the 1st bit of the machine you interact with, it could do with a better looking one. If you have replaced one in the past and have an old one kicking about, please let me know what you want for it. No hope cleaning this one up, as the plastic has deteriorated in a pretty interesting way... it looks like someone tried painting it with a paint that reacted with the plastic at some stage...
  9. it looks very much to me like the clear protective layer is still on and peeling a bit. You can always msg the seller via ebay to confirm it though.
  10. Haha, this keep annoying me so I FINALLY got to the bottom of it. Cab is original paint but I had another look... NEVER assume something is as it is meant to be. I assumed the transformer "board" had never been moved. Why? Because the screws to remove it were extremely hard to undo, and they were centered on the cab spars so looked right. I finally managed to get the screws out, and oh look, someone screwed it back in offset - and the same distance the knocker is off. Mystery solved. Two sets of screw holes on the spar: thanks for the input and getting me off my ass on this 😄
  11. I think I will move the striker plate back a bit as that seems the lowest impact change... It is a mystery - the only thing I can think is the knocker assembly is not the original one, which considering the history of this machine, is pretty likely. I am unsure about using a film over the guides, as the surface is not completely flat - wherever the wear is on the metal will show up as bubbling on the adhesive... but it is an interesting idea. I have cleaned up the 2 guides that were there, and they look much better. I have moved on to the apron trough which was zinc plated and almost white in colour from oxidation, and getting this back to a nice shine is proving tough. The zinc plating is soft and easy to put fine scratches in when removing the oxide, and then proves very hard to polish if you do that. Just need to work more by hand, and put away any power tools for this job I think...
  12. They posted a new vid on youtube today
  13. Cleaning the metal guide "strips". The ones in this are a little worn, but the rust pitting is very visible. I had spent some time trying to tidy these up, and thought it would be worth putting my notes here. 1. I wiped them down with rust converter to arrest further rusting. NOTE: don't do this with zinc plated metal as it will attack the zinc plate Note: this didn't remove any visible rust, or even really change it's appearance. I wasn't expect to make it go away at this point. 2. I tried giving them a thorough buff with autosol, brasso, and even using a felt wheel with them, and while polishing up the existing plating quite nicely, it didn't budge the rust pitting: 3. I finally tried out the old "chrome bumper" fix I'd always heard about - and scrubbed the guides with balled up aluminium foil. This actually worked! And as well as a faked before and after shot for some informercial product. Wow! A note of caution here though - you are forcing different metals together here, which if left along can cause even worse corrosion. Once the rust is gone, be sure to clean and fully polish the metal to prevent new corrosion from forming. Below is the test end after a quick go at it: (the line in the centre looks very dark in this pic, but is much lighter in reality, and isn't full of pitted rust) Now to keep at it and finish these off...
  14. what is a workbench? I have a large, flat surface that currently is the crap I didn't put away pile... No way am I showing a pic of that 😄
  15. Awesome. On file somewhere is a massive head start!
  16. @Arcade King is it just uploading, or scanning too? We have been working on scanning in all my wife's old family photos, slides and negatives. Whoo boy is it a big task. I spent about 3 days just to get 500 slides done... and that is just scans, not clean up!
  17. I'm looking for a lockdown bar for my Stern Magic rebuild. Anyone have one kicking about or any leads please? Pretty much any condition considered... Regards Jacob
  18. I know, it ain't real, but it still is a way to play something like the machines... on sale in Steam at the moment (Offer ends 12 October) Pinball FX3 - Williams™ Pinball: Volume 5 Reduced from $14.50 to a more reasonable $6.52 for these 3 tables: TALES OF THE ARABIAN NIGHTS™, CIRQUS VOLTAIRE™, and NO GOOD GOFERS™ are all available both in classic form and remastered with a host of new features I wait for these to go on sale as I think the full price is a bit steep.
  19. Looks like satisfying work. Time to catch up on those podcasts while doing this...
  20. Holy # that is nuts! Getting close to double the price... By the way, Chrisco has a past with non delivery, over charging, continuing to charge into the new year for "next christmas" and has been pinged by the ACCC. They may not be like that any more, but they certainly over charge for what they deliver - and I don't trust them.
  21. the star wars one was priced $999 and 99 cents, so most likely the same Included delivery too
  22. This thread got me to finally do this on my phone. If you want the digital cert on your phone (apple wallet or google wallet) then sign into the my.gov.au website, link medicare if you haven't already, then go and check your certificate, when you view it you can see an option to add to wallet. Was easy once all the sign-in stuff is sorted.
  23. Making them for yourself to repair something you own? No Problem. Selling them on (or even technically giving them away) - problematic unless you have the permission of the rights holder. Obviously there is a lot of gray in the matter regarding who owns the rights, commercial viability and just flat out "do it until told no" that happens in the hobby community - but the real answer is you can reproduce to repair your own things. Anything else without the rights is generally a no-no. There are libraries of art out there, and sharing done without permission that enable others to do their own reproductions as well - but the reality is they are flying under the radar... for lots of reasons - like the rights holders don't technically exist, or as most is non-commercial they ignore it, or it just hasn't gotten their attention yet. PS Sorry about not giving you a call - kind of got caught up in stuff today...
  24. Appreciate the writeup effort - and repair effort. Great information captured here.
  25. Found this auction of some prints https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254553748983 The last picture has some more clues
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