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  1. I have problems with my switch only get 2 - 3 switch hits per go. I need the upgrade...
  2. Does anyone know if any Elvira 3’s are sited in Brisbane or the Gold Coast?
  3. Thanks for all your work on the new Travis.
  4. My back glass arrived early this week. Have to say I’m very pleased with this mod, looks way better in person, well worth the $500 imo. Big shout out to RTBB Nino as this glass was extremely well packed, great communication. Keep up the great work Nino. Merry Christmas. Here’s some photos.
  5. Any out on site on the Gold Coast?
  6. Desktop occasionally, safari on my iPhone and iPad mostly. Keep up the great work Travis.
  7. The mod just flashes as the train is fixed to a ramp. Thanks - - - Updated - - - Hey thanks, yes I think I will hook it up with the rock and roll train mode. Dumb question where abouts do I attach the clips to the bulb?. Thanks v8.
  8. Hi all, I’ve installed the train mod on my AC DC pro pinball but can’t work out where to attach the alligator clips to?. Anyone able to give me some help. Thanks in advance. Cheers Leon.
  9. Mid week bump. Any interest make me an offer as I know longer have this game. I’ve also got a nos stern Dale jnr plastic set for Grand Prix/NASCAR Pinball if anyone wants this. Prices are negotiable. Cheers v8
  10. You could try Andrew, I think he works @ the pinball king.com.au these days...
  11. I have a Sttng used apron for sale if anyone is interested?
  12. Wow what a amazing job Kurt. Your attention to detail is exceptional, like others have said I’m also keen on checking out this masterpiece. Keep up the great work. Cheers v8.
  13. Just paid the balance of my Creature backglass. Super excited to get this cool backglass from Nino. Will post up some pictures once installed.
  14. Are the Pandora’s arcade 2 player console units any good?. Can anyone recommend a good brand, and a Australian seller. I noticed that Jaycar are selling these units now at $250. Thinking of getting one. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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