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  1. until

    With all the changes that have occurred and are still occurring I couldn't keep up with it. I ended up saving my ROMs, alt color, alt sound and table files etc and did the baller installers outlined in the Update section. It sets up the PUP, freezy, flex and ultra DMD's backglass, all the 32 bit and 64 bit stuff and registers stuff properly. I uninstall VPinMame before removing the old files. Not sure if this is necessary just something I do. Really important to update script files when upgrading or overwriting later releases. Core VBS files sometimes change. The guys are building incredible stuff in in VPInballX 10.8 and the lighting and reflections have added a whole new level of realism. I really like the way nailbuster has set up the installer updates. Puts all the files in the right spot.
  2. until

    Gorgeous looking game. And generous. Gottleib would never have been this generous😁
  3. until

    Great Picture of the machine. It would be nice to see a version with under playfield roulette
  4. until

    600K get half a house for that. Kane beat Crakkers by around half a house who beat RusstyT by half a house who beat the mysterious RichardM by half a house. Legin did threaten to have a game, but finished up in a lean to by the river😉
  5. until

    Haha. It's hard to be funny when you can't spell. I hear the spelling police coming to get me Posted a blinder😁
  6. until

    Very cool in deed especially now that I've moved ahead of Crackers.😁The mysterious Richard.m has posted a binder. I think we should demand to check the kombucha b sample.😉
  7. until

    Your on top again Crackers😉This is a cracking game & unbelievable reproductions.
  8. until

    No worries. If you don't unblock before unzipping & allow full access and run the installs in administrator mode you definitely will have conflicts with windows😉
  9. until

    That's no good. The biggest issue nail buster refers to in the install is conficts with windows. You have to unblock the zip file before unblocking then set the select the security properties for the files to allow full access, then for the install run as administrator. I've done plenty of clean installs and always save my table folder, ROMs,Music,Altcolor, alt sound & Pup Videos before doing the install. I then uninstall the VPinMame and delete the VPin folder from the C drive. Then I do the May 2022 baller installer then the current baller. I then Unstall the current VPinMame3.6 then reinstall it to set up the defaults for my setup. I then then transfer the table, Roms etc into the new setup. It seems to work for me. I have top say I flicked my PIN2DMD and replaced it with a small monitor.The PIN2DMD issues got the better of me. I also did a 2 screen set for a new setup I just purchased. If you ever want help I'm more than happy to FaceTime and walk through it with you.
  10. until

    Where's your buckenears. OOOOO no! Better pull my finger out. Kane is on a rampage😁 We have a new EM King
  11. until

    Is Scotty still building games. The last one I saw was the Beatles which I think you said he smashed it out. Pizza Time was about a year to make and is a huge commitment.
  12. until

    The artwork is so so delicate. Very soft and detailed. This is a great reproduction by Kiwi. I haven't nutted out the out lane flipper. I saved the ball once on the right outline but the left activates after the ball goes past the flipper. Any hints @Crakkers Don't worry about crap scores. I learnt from Crackers to always post a crap one early then build slowly or claim RSI.😁
  13. until

    Interesting game. I like it better than Robot. Better opening shot and a little less luck involved than Robot but still has the orange and blue specials. I need that orange special to catch you crackers.
  14. until

    Been Hanging out withJames Pepperdine. 😂 What I love about this comp is digging into so many different games. Scotty Wic. What a legend. This game is sick
  15. until

    What's the inspiration behind this one mysterious @richard.m
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