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  1. Get the flipper fingers and ready for some ripping Bally solid sate magic. VPGL 22-Game 3 ~ Flash Gordon Nominated by VPGL legend Jed Game Closes-Sunday 6th June Flash Gordon is a four player SS game released byBally in February 1981 & is the first Solid State split level table released by Bally withe the squawk and talk vocaliser module. Customers complained about the strobe light in in the backbone so it was removed during production. Flash Gordon started as a 1930's comic strip hero and was a very successful Hollywood motion picture serial in 1936 prompting two more serials in 1938 & 1940. Design by: Claude Fernandez Art by: Kevin O'Conner GamePlay Lighting 1-2-3 arrows lights mini bonus for 50,000 and 2X. Dropping 1-2-3 drop targets 3 times lights top bumper for 5,000and advances top target value. Ball shooter lane rollover scores super bonus when single target isdropped. Lighting amber, blue, yellow & white buttons by the 4 drop targets. 2 right targets and flipper lanes lights super bonus for 100,000 and saucer for 3X. Dropping 4 drop targets advances saucer and lights spinners. Dropping targets 5 times lights outlane specials. Ball in saucer when 2X or 3X are lit lights 15 clock seconds to multiply playfield scores by 2 or 3. If both are lit, playfield scores are multiplied by 5. Super bonus multipliers are lit as indicated on playfield. Super bonus and mini bonus scores are collected in outhole. Maximum 1 extra ball per ball in play. Tilt penalty – Ball in play. The VPX Game & Backglass can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B8QPqGC3WygeaivPRC7mnR9vxH59VKCU/view?usp=sharing Downloads linked are just suggestions, you can play on any VPX version or the table as long as it is the same rule set (IE Pro, LE etc.). You can let us know what version you are playing and why you play that one in the thread if you like, Score Submissions: Please make a new post for each score you post, with your score as the first line of your post, along with a photo or screen shot showing your score. This game finishes Sunday 6th June 2022, Midnight pm Sydney time. This game is set to 5 ball as default and that is what we'll play for this competition. We are playing regular version- right flipper select. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. Game on... who will harness the zoom of Flash
  2. I found it difficult to get into at first because there is so much happening. Mozzie and I have been playing this since JPReleased it and it has taken a long time to scratch the surface of this game. It’s complicated and fast. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is the disco light show and little deadpool multiball are distractions and not to start a battle till the scoring is set up. Pretty well light the left mini ramp diamonds before completing the right ramp locks for ninja multi ball. While doing this as the main objective you inadvertently collect team ups at the left right and middle lanes which help defeat the villains. If you can start battle just before you light ninja multiball you have to maintain the multi ball to get big points as jackpots are every where. That’s where the points come from but there is a boost. natarama boosts everything and the left flipper shot to schnit(I think that’s what the target to the right of the battle catch is called, sounds like it anyway)....is the shot if you can deflect it off the target and up the lock ramp to the sword. I’m not exactly sure how natarama timer and ninja apocalypse occur but thy seem to pop up once I’ve achieved the left ramp diamonds. The boom button has maximum affect in a battle and you hit the tight Magna save and shortcuts defeating the battle. Booom double damage. I think that’s a good starting point to play the game and you will learn other strategies to build on please note that it’s only the occasional game I get going for the big points. Games can be anything from To 10,000,000 and 1,000,000,000 but I’m getting better and it’s never boring. anyway mate I hope this helps and you start to get into the game. Also I forgot to ask what it is your not a fan of. I presumed it was because it is so complicated which is what first erred me about the game. I’m quite interested on what your take on the game is.
  3. Wow listen to those chimes. That plays so well. By any chance do you hold game nights. I live in Wollongong and it would be very cool to come and check out your collection. Thanks for sharing this video.
  4. Big praise Mozzie. I’m far from an expert and so stoked we managed to work our way through it. We have been learning, improving and making new friendships and I couldn’t ask for more than that.
  5. Jed, There is a VR version of Deadpool on VP Forums but I haven't played it. I now have VR that I setup after your earlier posts recommending how exciting this development is. I have to agree with you. It's amazing. Upgrading to 10.7 is daunting but once you get into it it becomes familiar. Good thing is the latest version is very stable. Crackers, JAR & myself worked our way through it and Im sure we could answer your questions between us. I updated to the latest VPinmame, and freezy dmd to replace ultra DMD. As far as VPX10.7 I renamed the old VPX10.6 file and Named the new VPX10.7 the same as the old VPX10.6 file so the new executable file is recognised. There are quite few files in the VPX10.7 download but the only other one I used was the bass.dll because it covers all the new compressed sound files that enable the games to be incredibly small. You will need that file to support the new format. I didn't touch the scripts and other stuff. I haven't done freezy on a laptop top but I installed this on my machine and helped Mozzie do his. When it's uploaded you have to run a diagnostic guide for freezy to detect where files are accessed. It took us a little bit to work that one out to change the 3 red diagnostic x's to green ticks. Very satisfying when this is done because there is support for full colour DMD not the 4 colour set and instability problems that were occurring with Ultra DMD. All this said and done JAR installed VPX10.7 on his laptop and still is involved in our conversations and Im sure he would be more than happy to help if we get stuck. Stoked you are popping in for a game and bringing your wealth of pinball knowledge into the group andI look forward to hearing from mr bungle. Let me know how you go or if you need help. We can FaceTime and sort VPX10.7 if you get stuck.
  6. Looking at that sword on the right and the number of playfield villains I think I’ve just scratched the surface this game. 7 diamonds in the samurai sword. The more I play this game the better I like it. It’s got layers.
  7. 1,130,424,420 cowabunga. Cracked the billion. New strategy opens up for big points or very little. Don’t tell Mozzie I got 10,000,000 in one game. 😉 definitely light the Left mini ramp sword diamonds before completing the right locks to open up lots of jackpots in ninja multi ball. Man this game is quick.
  8. 512643390 Wow. that jackpot timer when the left and right sword diamonds are lit with the ninja multiball sets the scoring off the richter. The boom button is handy in a battle to nail a villain or for boosting jackpots.
  9. Yeh I agree. I really like JPs arcade Physics that he has been using in VPX10.7. There is quite a bit of chat and action around nfozzy physics and fleep sounds that have been used in recent games but this game hits the spot for me. Better go and play and see if I can improve my score.
  10. Now that’s a cracking game. I’ll put the score in tomorrow.
  11. Keeping me honest Mozzie. I might Get the bullet as the VPGL coordinator 😉 I always do silly stuff like that. I would have liked to be signwriter but I can’t spell that good. 😂man but I know what I like and Deadpool is killer!
  12. The game numbering is weird. The 21 is the tournament which is the 21st since the VPGL commenced. It’s confusing because it’s so close to the year. Next year I’ll skip a tournament number to bring the tournament number and year into line. so next years tournament will be VPGL23 the way the numbering works is VPGL Tornament number-completion number- game number so currently deadpool would be VPGL21- Competition 2- game 1 too late to change it to make sense this year and yes it confuses me as well
  13. 464,640,330 This game is incredible. I love the bouncy table. Lots of games less than 50mill and I still have no idea when to use the boom button and how I managed this score.
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