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  1. 30,179,120 no idea what I’m doing. I’ll have to check out the game sheet rules just as soon as find my glasses
  2. 134,455,810 my machine is set to 5 balls. This is my 3 ball score as I trapped at the start of 4. Interesting process. I can’t work out how to set it to 3.
  3. 19,520,510 Something like that. Depends which screen I’m looking at or which glasses I’m wearing Chuckle chuckle
  4. Id like a pair of those glasses your wearing Mozzie. Mine aren't working.🤩
  5. Im going to spec savers. Cant see it. I see a little box with a ? in it. phhhh computers!
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BU7BlpmTjlw-C5a-ghZM1S0JbsxR04tE/view?usp=sharing This is saved in VPX10.7 The alt sound files are included
  7. Oh beauty I might be able to be at you in this one. Nah just joking. Get in and have some fun and set the bar high Kane. This is a link to the Game Im playing. (.vpx,b2s and ROM ). Im playing it in VPX10.7 but this should play in VPX10.6 if I haven't saved it in VPX10.7 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QK1cUNJOnj9ULmzOmXIFwe-3VxgFeaCt/view?usp=sharing
  8. There is a very cool cinematic alt sound for this game on VP Universe by idigstuff. Once again thanks JAR for keeping this fine show on the road. Just awesome! Whoever wins this one is going to be playing a long long flipper snappin tootin game. PC players prepare to get saddle sore. I’ve gotta get my trusty stead out and save Polly from the train. Yehah!
  9. No mate! Disagree. Its fun, makes it enjoyable. I enjoy the wit and humour. Im just lazy with reading. You do a great job and I feel very fortunate that you guide us along the way. Sorry for being so slack mate.
  10. C 11,440,000 I’m claiming a fluke. Scored most points with one ball. That rare EM rhythm.
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