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  1. 3 games over 180k and 1 was 206500 with getting all the way to the end on first man and the devils killed me. I've killed the 1st devil 3-4 times without loosing armor and then getting smashed by the last one.
  2. redelf 1650 Can't get screenshot as score goes to zero and don't want to play this again till later
  3. Oh come on torture is good for you, puts hair on that beard of yours :)
  4. I'm also fine with Robert's description of how the score happened. Sometimes we make it all the way to the end and keep dying, it's not to go for points it's trying to progress. Shooting the gravestones isn't in the spirit of the game rules set forth for this event. For passing the dragon after the bridge I have been going backwards so that the dragon disappears and I can advance in the game easier. I also crouch and jump to get the 2 giants to jump up to the next level so that I can climb the ladder, although I still haven't made it past them without losing my armor or just dying. I have played a few more times but have not made it as far as I did earlier. I even played a few games where I point pressed to just mix things up and found that I seem to die more often and can't even make it past the bridge anymore when pressing, my scores were higher but it wasn't as fun when I wasn't making progress.
  5. redelf 174400 Made it to the end part with 2 monster's on 3rd life and then just got crushed. Haven't been there since.
  6. Got my Atari fight stick today and loving it. Better response and no ghosting of controls that I have seen yet. X-Arcade was exhibiting ghosting and also not allowing buttons to be pressed over and over so I couldn't string together a long string of shots or action. The thing is a monster compared to X-Arcade too, almost 2x heavier and 20% more surface area. Going to be putting in the spinner later on and test that out too.
  7. That is a nice custom Defender and Stargate control panel. I built one myself that is exact replica minus the awesome graphics you have. Not sure what we are getting ourselves into with these newer control schemes that we are going to be playing with but I know it will be fun trying them out. I just received my button spinner that was recommended above and also ordered another dual joystick/trackball.
  8. They all went insane and haven't been heard from since, I'm not going to try to find out either, my wits are really frazzled.
  9. redelf 106500 Goal was over 100k so I'm done with this game. If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I'm wondering the streets half naked after going crazy playing this game :)
  10. I believe the spinner is separate from the controller you are putting it into. It has it's own usb cord. This is my understanding of it.
  11. Hey Creech, When playing with your X-Arcade do you ever get a response from it that goes something like this You push right a few times and then push left a few times and are repeating this, but then you notice that for some reason it seems to continue to move in the one direction for longer than you are wanting it to. In other words it seems to have a mind of it's own. Sometimes I'm playing a shooter and your moving to one side and then you want to stop moving but it continues to move. Also seems like using the buttons for a fire button it seems to lock up and hold it down so that you aren't getting multiple registering of the button being pushed but the button is physically moving up and down.
  12. Not by choice and not a lot either, I just know the controls are the worst that I have ever played with. The designers decided to make it so that the first few detections of joystick direction will only turn the way the character is facing and then a few frames later it will start to move in that direction. There also just seems to be some lag, so quick direction changes are very slow or don't happen if you move back and forth. Overall very poor quality control and game play issues as well.
  13. Ok Paul you are the gamemaster and under threat of more dungeon torcher I will abide. It will be nice to play a game more for progress than for like you said boring point pressing and standing around just shooting stuff.
  14. Could we get some clarification. With limited lives and a timer why is leeching being banned.
  15. Keeping with the venture dungeon theme, Paul continues to torcher his students with long pauses of stress induced taunting :)
  16. Not much could be harder than Venture, let's go with hard.
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