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  1. redelf 138510 Finally made it to the 4th pattern boards and made it through the first board.
  2. redelf 109360 What a waste at the end, had 2 lives in reserve starting level 10, proceeded to close my eyes and randomly moved around, that's the only explanation I can give.
  3. redelf 99140 elf_rallyx_99140_w183.zip Died on the first challenge stage doh! I really don't know how to play the first maze I guess.
  4. redelf 1333 Yeah cleared 2 canyons and on my way to almost clearing the 3rd.
  5. That is super uber impressive. Mruczek talked about getting the computer player to bomb out early as low as 48 - 65. Then it looks like your next game you only got 200 points more with a full clear and a near clear of canyon 2. There is more to this game than what it appears at first.
  6. redelf 73680 I really have a love hate thing for this game. I have to get lucky as I can't keep track of anything in this game. I know a few parts of the maze and that's it, I still die by rocks all the time even on the bonus round. Slow this game down 10-20% and it might just become a great game.
  7. redelf 920 Switched over to white and did better. Have had 2 games clearing the first canyon with no miss but then mess up. Have cleared the first canyon with 1 or 2 miss and because I like pushing the edge and the button I have bombed out before I hit another score in canyon 2. Yeah once you clear your fist canyon you know you can clear another one, so you keep going. Here is a tip that you might not know, pressing the button does nothing, it's the releasing of the button that releases the bomb.
  8. Also goto mouse settings and change the cursor speed. This will affect the way it starts and ends in speed. Smoothed it out for me.
  9. Anyone else having major lag issues with this game. I'm using an Atari dual joystick with trackball it's probably the happ brand.
  10. https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/231420-M-A-M-E-Robotron-2084-Solid-Blue-label-Points-Marathon-Settings-15-683-100-John-McAllister I think playing this game from controls sitting on my lap isn't a good idea. Pain and bad play is constant.
  11. redelf 15683100 The world simulation crashed at this time and all civilization was lost.
  12. Sorry to have wasted people's time on this. I did this on the wrong settings, default is 3 and I never even checked. I'll do it again though as there really isn't much difference in the difficulty of play. At least it should be quicker this time, look for it tomorrow or so. How to avoid the reset, try not to shoot at enforcers when they are in the upper right corner. Either shoot them straight on or wait till they leave the corner.
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