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  1. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will post 1 pattern that gets you to the 9th key. Doesn't even have to eat the ghost, just a simple pattern that works on the boards clearing most of the dots and just leaves the energizers to free hand. Who knows I might be able to learn it and a 9th key pattern but probably not. Wonder if we will get any kill screens, as I think there are at least 3 people that frequent this game.
  2. Best place to measure is on the board itself. Look for a 14 or 16 pin chip and then measure from pin 7-14 or 8-16, with 7-8 being ground and 14-16 being +5.
  3. Well you should look at 1 more thing and I should have mentioned it earlier and that is to measure the voltage and make sure you have 5v and not something like 4.5v. Voltage being low could also cause a problem like this but I think it is more common to be a socket issue. Not sure about the price, that you will have to search around and ask the locals what they would charge to fix it. I'm at the end of my helpfulness on this. Good luck
  4. Start with the easy ones. The chips that have white labels on them. Use a flat bladed screwdriver and gently pry up each end, you don't need to remove them, just a little lift on each side, even just one side is usually enough, they just need to be rocked a little bit. Use the blade and another object, a pencil, another tool, just about anything that will allow you to wedge underneath the socketed chips and lift up a bit. Press them all back into the socket and then try booting up again. If that works then great. If not then you will need to try to do the same thing to the daughterboard, you might just be able to lift and twist a bit to get it lifted a little bit. That's about it that I can offer. If that doesn't resolve your issue then you will need to have someone fix it or let the buyer know and give a discount. Remember just a little bit of movement is all that is needed. If you hear it creak or rattle then you know you have moved it and then just press it back down to reseat it. If that doesn't work and you feel confident you can remove the chips and do a cleaning on them but that's another discussion.
  5. Yeah pretty much looks like a rom or ram, try putting it into test mode if it has one, either by dipswitch or a switch somewhere on the coin door or just inside. Yeah reseat the socketed chips and that should take care of the problem. If not then a support chip has failed and it's addressing the ram or rom incorrectly.
  6. Looks like I picked a good time for shoulder replacement surgery. Everything went well, so far no pain meds needed. I'll be in recovery for the good part of the rest of the year. I will try to post token score on each game to at least have posted a score on each game.
  7. What a battle in the last few hours, this was the most competitive game I've seen in the MGL. Paul was working hard the last 24hrs on keeping the score up-to-date, nice job. Much like Elevator Action for me I had a lot of games in the 70's and just couldn't break the 80k mark, never saw the space levels either.
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