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  1. redelf 83760 Fingers finally cooperated.
  2. Looks like I picked a good time for shoulder replacement surgery. Everything went well, so far no pain meds needed. I'll be in recovery for the good part of the rest of the year. I will try to post token score on each game to at least have posted a score on each game.
  3. What a battle in the last few hours, this was the most competitive game I've seen in the MGL. Paul was working hard the last 24hrs on keeping the score up-to-date, nice job. Much like Elevator Action for me I had a lot of games in the 70's and just couldn't break the 80k mark, never saw the space levels either.
  4. Patrick, Don, and myself are all within 2 points with 8 games completed, it's all coming down to the last 3 games. Gotta love these tight races.
  5. Work your way backwards, so start from the bottom to the top.
  6. Just so you know, the dips in this game are wrong, Hard = Easy and Easy = Hard. This is for most or all versions of mame but maybe in more recent versions it has been fixed. You will be able to tell by the joker showing up after the first few seconds of the game you know that the game and not the settings = Hard. If the joker doesn't show up for some 18-20 seconds than you are playing the correct dip setting of HARD but the game settings of Easy. Just make sure that if the joker comes out quickly you should change your settings. The dips should be set to HARD so that the internal game play is easy. This is true up to at least version 230 of mame. If your playing a version of mame before 230 don't change anything as the default dips are HARD and that is correct. Other note not confirmed or verified is about the leeching issue. I believe that an earlier version of roms that have not been found or dumped existed when the game first came out. Leeching on the current romset that we have is quite impossible to leech for really high scores. The enemies in the game get really fast and unpredictable enough that you can't survive long enough to make multiple passes in the pyramid. Again just my opinion on the subject but I do like the rule regardless.
  7. Yeah myself have probably had over 20 sets if not more of EA over the years, sold most also, now just random boards or thrashed boards left. Probably close at one time had over 30-50 complete Taito board sets of that type.
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