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  1. All sorts of stats to go through and you keep coming up with great ones for all the players. You are the game master that's for sure, great interaction with all the players and games throughout the event. Great work Paul on another well run event. Thanks for all the hard work you put in to making it fun for everyone.
  2. Doh, after thinking about it some more I went into the directory and checked the nvram for solarfox and it was there. Erased it and it now plays back again. It's been such a long time since I have had that problem that I forgot all about it. Thanks for mentioning nvram. So yes I did not record with nvram but when it played back it created the nvram at that time.
  3. The game isn't patternable but it is made for certain strats for each type of board. I always would go left at the start and shoot the side wall guy to stop the enemies and give me time to get the freeze guy that comes out. The not playing back thing is very curious indeed, if I would copy the inp file into a new directory it would play back the first time but not the second.
  4. Hmmmm Well I tried to play it back several different ways and couldn't get it to work. Thought maybe something corrupt in the playback bat file or something so I tried it in mame181 and it worked. So I was going to video it and so tried to play it back again and it wouldn't play back. So then I went to mame180 and just started to record it without testing it and it's working fine for now.
  5. redelf 2408050 Decided to try for the kill screen if it has one. Failed, and then I find out that this game and the previous one don't play back.
  6. You can play either one. It pertains to the function of what the button does. Novice you move slow until you push the button. Expert you move fast till you push the button.
  7. Was trying to see if I could get 1 pattern from board 5 on to the 9th key to get full eat of fruit and ghosts. Finally figured out it's not possible do to some stuff's I found. How long the ghosts stay blue or how many times they blink has an affect on the timer of when they scatter or chase. The timer counts down during normal play but is paused when you eat the energizer, so the pause can last different amounts of time as the timer counts down the blue time even after you have eaten them, The other factor which became mute after this point is the amount of dots left on the board that makes the red guy go faster keeps decreasing every couple of boards. This is why some patterns even for just eating most of the dots starts to break down late in the pattern as the red guy begins to speed up earlier and earlier in the pattern. I thought about grouping but then I saw a squirrel and that thought passed pretty quick. The only goal left then for me is to reach the split screen. Jamey Pittmans Pac-Man Dossier is a good read. https://pacman.holenet.info/
  8. Had the feeling you were but you never know.
  9. His screenshot shows that he rolled the score, look at the middle part where it shows top 999900
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