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  1. 4,520,000 This certainly plays faster than the one I got my ass kicked on this past weekend in league finals. Stuck ball for one of the other players.... this is how SLOOOOOW the game played.
  2. 134,900 Who the hell is this PPLBob guy and why does he pick these damn tables? What was I thinking?
  3. 221,830 I keep getting hit in the head with a Russty Kane.
  4. Snack bar is more friendly from the left flipper. I have found that you can skim past one of the right side targets from the right flipper without putting the ball out of control. The lower right one can also be shot from the left flipper but be ready for it to fly back at you in a hurry. Use the pops to rotate the snack bar lights to a useful position. Sometimes it takes several shots up there to get them set right to shoot - the added bonus to that is you will get to move your damn car more often. Speaking of moving your car..... little known fact that if you have a mode like that running and then you start multiball - it will restart that mode when you come out of multiball.
  5. 4,188,240,980 Killer game with a whole bunch of good luck mixed in. Found the girl in the snack bar 3 times, 3 super jackpots, 5 regular jackpots. My god what a grind doing the multiball thing over and over and over again. Got alot better hitting those snack bar standups without draining as much.
  6. 2,091,330 Never heard of this one before - thanks for that! Very similar to Flight 2000 but plays a whole lot faster.
  7. Great comp everybody! I spent way more time than I probably should have this time around. I thought for sure Kane was going to pull another one out at the very end of BOP..... that had me plenty worried.
  8. 3,190,791,120 Way too much time spent on this one..... Now I will have her voice in my head for a month!
  9. Yes the scoring does get very lopsided once you get the billion, then it becomes a left ramp only kind of thing to restart multiball over and over and over again. There is a setting in the rom to disable the billionaire club but then it becomes a center ramp all day table. I don't even bother with the multipliers since they are so dangerous.
  10. 98,179,760 Almost missed the deadline..... had to cram a bunch of games in this evening. I'm done with this one.
  11. 2,118,012,890 Ok.... starting to flow pretty good now that I am an expert in getting the multiball started.
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