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  1. All the candy sales in AUS seem to be surrounded in secrecy and behind closed door type transactions… the odd few that do make their way to public listings are sold very quickly, which shows there is interest but lack of stock available to the general person. If there really were people sitting on stockpiles then my biggest bit of advice would be to list them up, regardless of the asking price. Knowing who to talk to or where to go to find stuff without having to stumble across an “inner circle” group or wait for the guy with a stash to hopefully see your WTB post would be a god send for most people. I have my wish list and would pay more than market rate for stuff on it, but finding stock or getting a committed seller is a rarity. I’ve essentially personally imported almost all of my collection due to the above, and if shipping rates weren’t so high at the moment I’d be filling up containers and bringing over stock to sell, and in the process would focus on undercutting the local market that’s apparently out there but is never seen….
  2. The issue I’ve seen is that most of the prices over there are around the same as the aero (or slightly higher for a blast), and no one here will want to spend $2500 on an Astro or net city, and $2800 on a blast. Likely have to wait for sea freight prices to drop down before importing more of the “typical” Sega cabs found here. For stuff that priced higher or never available here it’s worth it!
  3. They are typically in the $850 USD range, the biggest cost is all of the shipping on top of that. I’m estimating it will be approx $2500 AUD all up to buy and ship it here
  4. Looks good @namastepat! Ive ordered one as well from Japan after being convinced by @mR_CaESaR to get one and @dzhay1981 helping find a source for one… I think TATE like your pic is a good way to run them!
  5. On the off chance anyone stumbles across a New Astro City or New Net City that are for sale please keep me in mind 🙏
  6. Received delivery of 2 x NNCs today… one for me and one for @mR_CaESaR
  7. First post updated with full list I'm trying to track down... 9 in total now. Cheers
  8. Put a post up and hope people reach out… I did that a few months back and someone reached out and offered me a NNC for within your price range listed. 😀
  9. Turtles in time has been sourced, still looking for the others, as well as a NBA Jam TE board setup.
  10. Joey does model 2 and 3, but model 1 is a hit and miss due to lack of parts available… ask him and see what he says. You can also try messaging Simon at arcade garage in VIC as I sold him USA VF1 and 2 cabinets and he got the VF1 board (model 1) repaired down there somewhere.
  11. Just seeing if anyone has any of the following PCBs for sale locally before going off and widening the search to overseas… 1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Soul Calibur 3. Virtua Fighter 2 (Complete stack including metal cage preferred) 4. Cowboys of Moo Mesa 5. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 6. 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge 7. Rampage World Tour 8. WWF Wrestlemania 9. Street Fighter EX Plus If you do have one of the above for sale please drop me a PM. Thanks!
  12. $400-$650 based on the recent lot of sales.
  13. What is the appeal of the SNK candy 26? (Genuine question, happy to learn more!) I’m open to get more candy so sales pitch away!
  14. Sure, doesn’t hurt to ask! Haha Screw wise it’s the 3 screws on the bottom of the bracket, 1 on the top, and the wing nut screw, but I can likely source similar ones from eBay/Bunnings so not the end of the world in that regards.
  15. I believe he is in QLD at the moment and heading down sometime next week. Ive got 12 cabs in VIC that he will start bringing up, and he mentioned it’s 1-2 weeks before he’s likely to be there. Try messaging him on Facebook if you need specific info/timeframes :)
  16. Likely to be a dumb question or met with silence, but is anyone aware of any New Net City’s currently for sale? (Or if someone is willing to part with theirs :lol) Cheers
  17. I believe it already sold on the Facebook groups.
  18. Odd request, but does anyone have a spare set of screws and wingnut for the Astro bracket? Yaton sent me the bracket but forgot all the screws :(
  19. I’ve extended the offer to a few people, but making it public as well, I’ll do $4k for it if sold this week. Can’t/won’t go any lower as I’m already loosing out at this price point… but as mentioned before, I’d rather someone else enjoy then it sitting in my storage as a spare. Grab a bargain while you can!
  20. $4300 weekend special… if no interest by the end of the coming week, it goes off to storage!
  21. Throw an offer out, happy to negotiate somewhat… I’d rather see it go to a good home then sit in storage! I struggled for ages to find one of these so brought a second one over in the aim of helping out someone else who was also struggling to get one. Cheers!
  22. I imported some cabinets from the USA, including 2 x Killer Instinct 1s... I don't need 2 of them so 1 is up for sale. :) I basically looked for original condition cabinets that still had all the original bits in/on them, and tracked down as many with "matching numbers" as I could find. Copy/Paste from the Arcade Garage facebook listing is below: "So this Killer Instinct is now for sale. It’s in honest original condition with some songs and scratches but presents quite well. It’s an original numbers matching cab, original pcb with original hard drive and security chip and power supply. It’s had a New Old Stock fan installed to replace the failed original. The buttons and joysticks are original and all work as they should. Overall, It’s unmolested and in good structural shape. Some items have been replaced Such as the glass due to scratches on the original. The monitor is a K7000 which has been fully serviced and looks sharp with good colour. There is some damage as is expected with a machine this old (and has travelled around the world). Some chips along the back of the cabinet and also a small amount of damage to the corner of the control panel. Most of this could easily be ‘touched up’, however, in the interests of full disclosure it’s being presented as is. Price is $4750 ono, pick up is available from Cheltenham or freight can be arranged with Bill around the east coast and also Adelaide." If anyone is interested in it please PM me! Thanks
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