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  1. First post updated with full list I'm trying to track down... 9 in total now. Cheers
  2. Put a post up and hope people reach out… I did that a few months back and someone reached out and offered me a NNC for within your price range listed. 😀
  3. Turtles in time has been sourced, still looking for the others, as well as a NBA Jam TE board setup.
  4. Joey does model 2 and 3, but model 1 is a hit and miss due to lack of parts available… ask him and see what he says. You can also try messaging Simon at arcade garage in VIC as I sold him USA VF1 and 2 cabinets and he got the VF1 board (model 1) repaired down there somewhere.
  5. Just seeing if anyone has any of the following PCBs for sale locally before going off and widening the search to overseas… 1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Soul Calibur 3. Virtua Fighter 2 (Complete stack including metal cage preferred) 4. Cowboys of Moo Mesa 5. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 6. 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge 7. Rampage World Tour 8. WWF Wrestlemania 9. Street Fighter EX Plus If you do have one of the above for sale please drop me a PM. Thanks!
  6. $400-$650 based on the recent lot of sales.
  7. What is the appeal of the SNK candy 26? (Genuine question, happy to learn more!) I’m open to get more candy so sales pitch away!
  8. Sure, doesn’t hurt to ask! Haha Screw wise it’s the 3 screws on the bottom of the bracket, 1 on the top, and the wing nut screw, but I can likely source similar ones from eBay/Bunnings so not the end of the world in that regards.
  9. I believe he is in QLD at the moment and heading down sometime next week. Ive got 12 cabs in VIC that he will start bringing up, and he mentioned it’s 1-2 weeks before he’s likely to be there. Try messaging him on Facebook if you need specific info/timeframes :)
  10. Likely to be a dumb question or met with silence, but is anyone aware of any New Net City’s currently for sale? (Or if someone is willing to part with theirs :lol) Cheers
  11. I believe it already sold on the Facebook groups.
  12. Odd request, but does anyone have a spare set of screws and wingnut for the Astro bracket? Yaton sent me the bracket but forgot all the screws :(
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