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  1. Why do politicians sleep on the couch? Because they couldnt lie straight in bed
  2. Duz anybody remember petrol strikes? when i was teenager in the 80s i worked as a driveway attendant at the olds servo n whenever there was going to be a petrol strike the line of cars waiting to juice up was never ending i think back then super was 49.9 cents a liter i cant remember how much standard was Was it dick stickers Abbot that stopped subsidies to the car manufacturing industry? Action needs to be taken now on how this country is going to generate cleaner power in the future because marketing morrison n his bum chum barnyard beetroot barnaby sure as shit aint going to do it as for the greens i would be surprised if any of the greens members in parliment actually cared about the environment i often wonder if any members of parliment give a frogs fat ass about anything other than themselves and their intrests if nothing is done this is the result A few pics of our farm after the 2019 bushfires destroyed it all house dairy sheds tractor all gone
  3. Scott marketing morrisons personal stash of rapid antigen tests
  4. I have the same issue with the drop targets on my Pinbot sometimes i get 5 or 6 games where they reset perfectly before i have to lift the play field n reset them manually n at other times the drop targets do reset but after staying down longer than usual
  5. Its been superb to watch
  6. Excellent pic reminds me of hoyts in george street sydney with that carpet the stairs and the the red cinemas sign spent a lot of time there n had a great deal of fun
  7. I love the chimes as well its the classic pinball sound i havent played a pin with chimes for quite some time i think the callouts on our data east star wars really annoys my missus cause whenever she gets really annoyed at me she tells me to go shoot the death star so prehaps a pin with some nice soothing chimes is on the cards n with a bit of jiggery pokery in the shed i reckon i might be able to fit one more in subject to the missus approval of course
  8. Thats superb n looks like a hell of a lot of fun to play
  9. Vegemite is an iconic Australian super food spread made from concentrated yeast extract and is particularly tasty on toast and sandwiches YUMMERS
  10. I hope every one can take a minute today remembrance day to think of all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in the service of this country not only in world war one the war that was supposed to end all wars but for all conflicts Australia has engaged in WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
  11. Crikey i love this thread here is a few pics i took a while ago of an echidna down on the river bank at our place when i was fishing he wasnt bothered by me in the least
  12. Gday Jeff i really hope that  you get to take your caravan up the mid north coast n when you do if you happen to be going past Taree n coopernook around lunch time and have a bit of time to spare please give me hoy because Flash gordon and i would love to buy you a drink n prehaps lunch at the copernook hotel with a bit of luck i might get to meet you in person at pinfest

     cheers Damian

    1. Railways


      Hi Damien,

      Nice to hear from you mate. It looks like the Flash Gordon is in a good home, hope its behaving itself.

      Thanks for the invite but no need to buy lunch mate - thanks anyway. As it stands we will be going to South West Rocks for a week (fingers crossed) and maybe Harrington on the way back. We may check out Coopernook hotel for a looksee as they have caravan parking out the back so i'm told. See how we go for time I guess. Also want to check out Crowdy Head.

      It would be great if you can make it to Pinfest and you can get an idea of the roadtest the FG has been through. Hopefully see you there,

      cheers Jeff

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