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  1. Its the mighty Flash Gordon for me not only is it bolted to the floor but has grown roots it was the first pin i owned had to let it go when i moved to Darwin took me 17 years acquire another one i love and enjoy playing it so much i could never part with it again its therapeutic the old Pinbot always puts a smile on my dial and altho i dont play the Data East Star Wars as much as i used to i still enjoy playing it they are all keepers i reckon they have to be they are the only pins ive got
  2. BEAKER the two old guys on the balcony gonzo fuzzy the bear the call outs would be brilliant i think Boof Head put up pic of a mock up Muppets pinball cab a while back if they ever did do the muppets it would be the only pin the better half would ever let me fork out so much of the folding for a new machine the muppets love them
  3. Labyrinth would be an awesome theme for a pinball i reckon
  4. 518,394,840 - 5 ball factory default 14/9/2021
  5. I Know absolutely nothing about crypto currency but one thing i am pretty sure of is that we are heading for a cashless society which is a shame because i love the rare feeling of occasionally having a fistful of the folding in my sky rocket
  6. go to your profile  on your current pic there will be a little icon on the corner of it click on that and then a screen will come up asking to choose to ethier drag a photo or up load one  i choose the fist option which is upload one then i clicked on up load a single file so have your pics in a file thats easy to access 

  7. Yep, I reckon it's all in my oversized picture.

    I'll work on it tonite.

    My old pic is rather fuzzy so time to add a better one

    1. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

      yeah mate it took me ages to get the right size or as close to 500 gig as  possible a real pain in the ass  i had to use another program like photoshop or something like that   to get the pics the right size but once i did that you can change the pics very easily it took me all morning to work it out but now ive got 3 pics redy to go if want to change it its been pissing down all day here and ive been meaning to do this for a while hows the weather in up north in mighty queensland? hope this has helped ya out  its made my day having someone ask me how to do something on here cause i know bugger all about pinball repair but i do know how to play them if ya get stuck give me hoy cheers mate


    2. DAG


      Sunny, windy, and being my own boss I've still got my Qld State of origin PJ's on

      Just couldn't be bothered today

      Just crusin to be honest

    3. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

       sounds sweet i do miss darren lockyer

  8. so you haft to resize your pic u might get lucky and your pic is  500 gigabytes or under your pic should say usually at the bottom how many giga bytes it is thats why its a good idea to have a few pics ready to  because sometimes they just dont look as good as they do normal sized so once the your pics are at sized at 500 gig or slighty under then

  9. sure mate it takes a while to work out n im sure there is an easier way but im not the most it savy so i will try and explain how i did it first i got the pics i wanted in case i wanted to change it into a new folder because it will only take a picture size of 500giga bvtes hang on more to come in a sec

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

      sorry to bother you but i only just realized that i said it will only take a pic the size of 500 gig or less i meant to say is it will only take a pic size of 500 kilobytes or less not 500 gigabytes n its the same for the cover photo hope you are having a great day

    3. DAG


      Naaaaaa, Shit of a day.....


      Brisbane entertainment Centre has asked me to supply labour to remove vinyl in a toilet block that has shit spewing from the sewer.

      Try convincing a contractor to do this work normally is bad enough.

      But this centre has become a major covid injection site and who knows how many people have added their contract chasing to the Shit Pit. 




      You did ask?

    4. The Big Easy

      The Big Easy

      Stone the crows Farrrrrrk Farrrrk Farrrrrk what a shit way to start the day i hope they have offered some form of incentive danger money or something like that this bloody virus makes things so much more difficult i hope your day gets better at least it couldnt get any worse

  10. Marvelous if your pins are anything to go by then the ute is gunna come up a treat well worth the wait
  11. Why does the premier of NSW ride a vacuum cleaner instead of a broomstick? cause she really sucks
  12. Happy birthday hope you have a splendid day and prehaps jam in a few good games of pinball allways enjoy reading your threads particularly the my escape to reality
  13. Great pics looks like a ton of fun cant wait for the god damn lock down to end here in NSW so we can do more of the same have a few mates round have a few drinks of an alcoholic nature a good feed and play a hell of a lot of pinball its been a while since we have been able to do it i cant even remember when this pic was taken
  14. Queen Gladus Jigglyhands is already on the case im sure she has a parliamentary pinball privileges committee looking into it
  15. 9,965,880 nearly clocked it 5 ball factory settings 24/8/21 first time ive put up a high score so i hope ive done it right
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