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  1. Steve if you are ever heading north up the highway you are always welcome to drop in for a few games on the mighty Flash Gordon im about 20 minutes out of Taree and your right the old FG would be a lot safer in Barden ridge a place i Know very well bought my husky wr250 2 stroke from there crikey i love that bike n then a few years later when i got out of the army i was a labourer at the ridge golf course from go to woe right up until they opened it to the public shit i can remember when it was a tip After the bushfires of 2019 reduced our farm to ashes depression had just about consumed me buying railways superb Flash Gordon n playing it was the best therapy ever its a keeper like i said mate if you are ever heading north past Taree do drop in for a game or 20
  2. Cheers Mitch without you working your magic i wouldnt be playing anything at all i reckon there would be a shit load of pin owners here on the mid north coast that would be buggered without you fixing our games Ive said it before n i will say it again your a true Pinbologist your collection is nothing short of orgasmic its truely something else
  3. Jeff It was seeing your fantastic TAF that made up my mind for me to get one as soon as i left your place i was thinking there was an awesome Addams n i didnt play a game what the hell is wrong with me i must of been distracted by all the other awesome games mate your mancave is what pinball heaven must be like
  4. Sorted n acquired will be doing the mamushka shortly thanks so much Doug
  5. Thanks Ponty is that the one in newcastle? im not on facebook so i cant contact the seller does anyone on Aussie Arcade perchance know the seller?
  6. Gday all im looking to buy an Addams Family preferably in NSW if any one has a decent one they would like to move on please give me a hoy Cheers
  7. Lego love it almost as much as the missus pinball and beer
  8. Whenever i watch the star wars or flash gordon movies it always makes me want to go and play them come to think of it whenever im on Aussie Arcade it allways makes me wanna go and play pinball n arcade games Every time i watch the Addams Family i sit there n think crikey i wish i had an addams family the missus has finally given the green light to get one so i best start looking before she changes her mind
  9. CERBERUS is certainly a cracking looking canine n will no doubt provide years of love loyalty and companionship its truely amazing how much pleasure a dog or any pet can provide what really blows my mind is how adept pets are at sensing a humans mood and emotions n are always there if youve had a bad day to provide comfort with wag of the tail a lick of the hands a game of fetch or in the case of cats a good old purr ive always found a nice long pat always eases my mind and puts a smile on my dial the missus and i havent had a dog in a long time but weve had puss for at least 12 years and our most recent addition is the chooks 4 hens that give us the tastiest eggs and a ring in rooster that some wanker dumped on our driveway
  10. I thought about being a postie many many moons ago joined the army instead I grew up in a rural area n we didnt have a postal service or a mailbox until i was 15 everybody had to pick up their mail from the one and only general store the bizzare thing is 33 years later i live in a rural area and i dont have a mailbox im about 1k out of the village and they dont have mailboxes either but if you go 4 or 5 ks out the village everyone has a mailbox Ive met the postie that delivers the mail to the surrounding areas that do have mailboxes quite a few times as she also sells vegetables from time to time and is just as passionate sydney swans supporter as i am so whenever i bump into her we always yak about how good or bad the swanies are going She moved into the village and the village has no mailboxes i always found it funny that a postie has no mailbox and livs in a village that doesnt have any mailboxes
  11. Yes please that would be a fantastic opportunity the best of both worlds
  12. Thats awesome every game would be so satisfying i dig the red legs
  13. What did Scott Morrison say after he lost his pirme ministership and the election? Its not my job
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