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  1. A couple more mods added
  2. JAC


    What have you got?
  3. Bump. Will pay good money, PM to discuss.
  4. List of spare parts and mods no longer required New EHOH 40th Anniversary magnetic speaker and shooter housing blood $150 New JJP POTC Cliffy set $150 - long wait for cliffys atm New JJP POTC lock button gold $50 New factory Stern KISS shooter rod $200 New Pinnovators headphone and external volume control for SAM system. This sits flush on your coin door and looks like a factory finish product $150 New Illuminated flipper buttons (green) $50 JJP WOZ owners manual $50 TWD Donald Trump translite with glass $200 - pick up only or get Bill Happy to post or pick up Haberfield 2045
  5. Avengers Infinity Quest Limited Edition HUO first owner as new with only 101 plays Stern topper, Stern shooter, plastic protectors and shooter lane protector installed since new I can assist with interstate transport via Bill, any questions please ask.
  6. Still looking for mods in particular custom coaster mod
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