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  1. Hey, Does anyone have a blank LAI lowboy control panel for sale? (WA preferred) Looking to convert mine to Ghouls & Ghosts so will get one made up by a fabrication place if no luck but figured i would try here first. Thanks
  2. Yup, the plastic bezel was from galaxian I think so the machine has had a few games in its time. The cabinet style is similar to the infinity one machines or a copy of one. and the micky/goof seems to relate to the 1975 bicentennial https://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/minuteman-mickey
  3. Wondering if anyone knows if the CPO artwork is generic or from a specific game? Thanks, Jay
  4. As requested. https://archive.org/details/lai-cabinet-38-manual
  5. Hey Charlie Milne, No worries, I will try and scan it this evening. I haven't looked at the speaker and sub wiring yet so interested to see how you get on with it. Cheers Jay
  6. Its a LAI Cabinet 38 I have a empty one i picked up locally from another member on here, it had the screen and chassis but i haven't had a chance to look at it yet. If you are replacing the screen with a LED/LCD monitor/tv then a 40" will fit with a small section of MDF taken out of the side pieces (inside where the speakers sit) I'm currently doing this so i can wire up a raspberry pi 4, looks decent enough in 4:3 aspect ration with a CRT shader enabled the plastic bezel hides the sides quite well :) If you want the manual let me know and i can scan it for you. Huge machines though, my misses wasn't too happy when it got dropped off haha Still need to find the marquee in Perth for mine at some point Cheers,
  7. $490 is stupid money, I paid $30 for a broken pcb i need to get round to fixing.
  8. Thanks I will get in contact. Cheers :)
  9. Anyone have a Dynamo HS-5 (or similar) control panel they would like to sell? Thanks, Jay
  10. Would it be ok to pay Wednesday? (pay day) if so i will take it :)
  11. Any recommendations for shipping a machine from NSW to Perth? Seen a couple i'm interested in but a quote from Pack & Send came to $1,200, I realise it won't be cheap but was hoping i could get something around $300'ish but maybe just wishful thinking? Cheers
  12. Hi, Looking for a infinity 1arcade control panel overlay and monitor bezel should anyone have one. Also keen to speak to anyone with a machine as i need some hi res pictures of the side art so i can get reprints produced for my cabinet. Thanks, Jay
  13. Picked up a new machine and its missing the marque and tube, any recommendations on where i can source a fluorescent straight tube and mounts? Width of machine is about 25".
  14. cant argue for $200 that's a pretty sweet deal, nice looking cab :)
  15. Does anyone know if there is vector images or hi-res scans online for any of the Infinity 1 cabinet art? http://www.rotheblog.com/2015/09/arcade-history/infinity-1-game-1000-faces/ Just picked up a machine and would like to change it back to this otherwise i will probably do something with Xevious artwork Thanks
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