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  1. Umm this might be a silly question but why do you want to swap your harness? I'm not a fan of the electrical tape over zip ties for tidying but if it works I'd just leave it. If your answer to the harness question is "because I want to understand/check/fix" I'd be tempted to pull your exisiting one. Check it with a multimeter, and maybe add quick connectors that will fit the sticks/buttons you want to use. Also the CPS1 hardware typically uses a kick harness independent of the JAMMA harness so just bare that in mind. Be mindful the typical harnesses on eBay are often not amazing.
  2. Is there some sort of mailing list I can also join?
  3. @DRAGONKZ for the CPS multi systems I would just pick something you like the look of to be honest. I have my CPS2 multi in my Exceleena and think it looks great there. A rotation mech isn't the worst choice but so far I've never bothered to flip it... I have a CPS1 multi-like solution hopefully arriving on a slow boat from Romania but will likely just mount that in my lowboy for BS nostalgia reasons. Not sure if anyone is interested but I included a photo of my two working candies. I started out only interested in wooded cabinets because that was what I remembered from my childhood mostly but after working on an Exceleena I really started to love Candies more. Have those two now, another exceleena in pieces (my working one was a composite of two meh ones) and an Egret 29 shell I cant decided if I should just sell on. I'm a bit jealous of the Exceleena 2. Would love one.
  4. I recently picked up an Atomiswave for my Namoi setup (plugs straight in and even has an easy 5v out for the Pi). I really love it as a cab! Wish all my cabs had four wheels on the base...
  5. I'm just going to bump this because it seems like a great machine for a great price! Wish I had the space...
  6. Motivated to clear some space. Let me know if you'd like photos or more info. You're also welcome to come check them out if you're around Melbourne. Open to negotiation (as the prices are a bit of a guess) or trades (but really only looking for Multis for CPS2, F3 or ST-V or maybe some junk empty lowboy cabinets). PCBs: 2x Final Lap 3 boards with linking cable --- $250 (I cant test the controls or linking but they boot up fine) Wonderboy Bootleg with a graphics issue --- $100 MVS Carts: Strikers 1945 PLUS Original Blue Case English Label --- $250 Twinkle Star Sprites Conversion Japanese Label --- SOLD Shock Troopers 2nd Squad Original English Label --- SOLD Art of Fighting 2 Original Japanese Label --- $40 Fatal Fury 2 Original Japanese Label (damaged) --- $60
  7. I have a complete NAOMI setup for sale at $500. I upgraded to a NAMOI 2 running a netDIMM so clearing the cupboard space. Would also do $400 without the PSU and HORI stick. It's up on ebay at the moment with the photos there. http://ebay.us/RdjW6Z?cmpnId=5338273189 Includes: 1x Sega NAOMI - Working well 1x Sega NAOMI - Issues (graphics problem, locks up, one IC chip fails RAM test sometimes) 1x SEGA DIMM Board (not networking board) with 1.02 (very old) Firmware 1x Sega I/O board v3 (837-14572) 1x GDROM Drive (noisy but working well) 1x Hori Arcade Stick 'Real Arcade Pro Ex' converted to run with Sega IO board with credit button - This is the best stick button combo I've ever used... 1x Delta ATX Power Supply converted to run NAOMI, GDROM Drive & I/O Board 1x GDROM Virtua Tennis 2 (Power Smash 2) with Key Chip 1x CAPCOM VS. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro with Key Chip Strongly prefer cash on pickup (3168). I have a few bits and pieces I've not tested but can include free - NAMCO PSU/sound board, a spare non-converted ATX PSU or two Sold for $550 on eBay.
  8. Careful if you have a large space that needs one game... My garage needed ONE cabinet back in April... it now has FIVE cabinets in varying states of being rebuilt. I setup a few alerts on gumtree but have also seen some great machines here and on FB. Just think about what you want to play, how you want to play it (original hardware vs emulation) and how much work you want to put into it and then go from there maybe.
  9. A few images of the wiring might help to be certain but I don’t think it is a straight swap. Pandora boxes typically use Chamma wiring (Jamma standard with all 6 buttons from both players). I’m not sure about the family game system but pretty sure it has seperate power at least.
  10. I apologise if this isn't really appropriate for an Arcade focused site but I'm a geek and would play games on my coffee machine if I could. 🤔 I'm really crazy about the modern Shadowrun Games (Shadowrun: Dragonfall, along with Fallout 2 and NV, is in my favourite RPGs list). Super cool world, mechanics and stories. Anyway without giving you my life story, I've been going through my Humble Bundle unused keys and found a Steam key for each of the three games. I think I might have even been a KickStarter backer for these so I have all of them. Would anyone like them? Please only take if you think you will play them though. I can gift them through humble bundle to your email. Edit: Offloaded!
  11. Moved back to Australia (Melbourne) so after years of sale/auction alerts, I got a vertical mounted machine with a 48 in 1 classic games board. Been trying to learn as much as I can. What started as a 'this button is a bit sticky' turned into switching to horizontal (upside-down at first...), sanding back the rust on the control panel, replacing the sticks and buttons, replacing the patched harness with a Chamma one and swapping out the 48 in 1 with a RaspberryJamma and a single slot MVS. Excited to be here and amazed by how much information is on this site! It didn't let me post in the sale bit but I thought this link might be interesting for people here. I really really wish I was local. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hyland-park/other-video-games-consoles/arcade-machines-/1248343004
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