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  1. yes the app .comercially made cab but i only tried a few arcade games,not pinball .i
  2. hi ive got a cabinet that i bought that has a few different vpinball programs ,which are great except the plunger button dosent work on most tables.works with a keyboard.i presume i might need to configure somehow. i have no idea how or where i can get into it to do that.any instructions for a dummy? thanks
  3. 2 years have gone by,storing a 911, missing the most iportant bit, the helicopter. all under playfield is there,the rest is missing. anybody?
  4. would anyone know when next container is due? all these posts on how good this game is, making me toey
  5. yep thats the place i saw it to, there was some great stuff down there back in the day.
  6. oh there is no insides. just a void to collect the coins.those little plastics on the sides,with the golf club pics on them. are used to flick the coin from side to side.
  7. hi all picked this little beauty up last night.i presume its aussie made and i remember them in the 70s along mornington peninsula ,along side huge slot car tracks and old rifle games. drop your 2 cents into the top hole flick it from side to side with a bit of skill,to avoid the holes that swallow your coin,eventually if your good ,you get your 2c back.simple but fun.
  8. it seems you have to insert a coin to watch this 😞
  9. no its been disconnected :-)
  10. i bought one about a month ago locally,been slowly doing it up.amazing how it works.
  11. on fb yesterday from bill Gday everyone, just letting you all know we are set up for the next GnRs run - 2 drivers leaving next week to time our run with it. Only thing that can hold us back is COVID Border restrictions. We will update our FB page as we get info.
  12. great space. nice to see a games room in the games room section to,very rare these days.
  13. yes i think that would be the go,i didnt know you could get such a thing! ebay here i come,well worth a try. i sort of thought that it would be a jumper or a setting or something simple.but that could be the answer.thanks
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