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  1. Sports arena. fully working with prizes $550 .$50 will go to AA . lights (all working) chase around showcase .idea is to push the button to stop on the red light which has corresponding motorised prize wheel that turns and drops prize. has working electronic mech or can set on freeplay. operator adjustable difficulty to go from win every time to imposible to win (almost) .be good in a thertre room foyer or site or games room.very colorfull machine. pick up nerang.qld
  2. great job . unfortunately mine is very similar fade. maybe the pictures on the flyer for it might be usefull?
  3. For sale $200 pick up nerang goldcoast.looks like a pokie but more like a bingo ticket machine. These were legal in pubs or anyone with a liquor license.its a solid metal cabinet with locks and key.it is missing a printer,it will not run without it.ive put mine in to show that it can work.also missing is a s7 microcoin mech.when installed will take $1 and $2 coins.the idea is to insert coins ,get matching pictures to win.unlike a pokie it runs across the screen.not rolling down.if u win.it shows it.but you cant use the credits till you push cash out.it then prints it out.a bit of fun.but u are going to need at least a printer to make it run.it has a 15 inch monitor which is flakey so you will need one of those to.ideally its probably a great donor for a jukebox or arcade or pokie emulator.also comes with the box its sitting on. Really need it gone asap
  4. finally got an old crane game . someone has mucked with it and having a hard time seeing whats what. anyone have a schematic for the 1958 crane they could take a couple of photos of it or sell it to me? thanks
  5. wanted Rowe Jukebox 250 Watt Stereo Amplifier (61112701) to suit rowe sunrise wallbox. thanks
  6. 3 weeks to get 2 suburbs .never again, this was before covid ,
  7. 4 years have gone by , i still hold out hope, that someone will one day wreck a 911, and sell me above playfield hellicopter parts. missing the main metal skeleton .probably not hard to make ,but i have nothing to copy from. would be interested in complete machine to,not working or rough as gutts. thanks
  8. anyone know if the machines that arrived last week have been picked up by bill yet? i wont annoy bill ,but maybe someone has been rung or got a delivery?
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