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  1. Thanks for sharing guys
  2. Same here, I did get an email yesterday morning from a moderator warning me of a messages sent from a scammers Maybe they have been hacked
  3. ANT68

    Jaws ?

    Skip to 15.50m Very interesting !
  4. Ok cool I'll make contact with him Can he shop a playfield in his scope of works ?
  5. Thinking of resorting the cabinet on my Gilligan and replacing the decals Looking for someone in the greater Brisbane that could do that Cheers Tony
  6. So do we know how many R&M standard and Blood suckers came to Australia ?
  7. The things you do for your children ! Want to buy a RM PM with details Tony
  8. My boys found out about RM and want one , I must be missing something or getting too old Anyway I'm in the market for one, I'll post in market place
  9. WTB a Jurassic Park Lost World Anyone know someone that may want to sell theirs at the right price Send me a message
  10. Thanks mate Not having much luck to tell you the truth ! Someone ........anyone ...........Hello
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