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  1. Hi I have a Cranesaurus - crane machine but the langauge/voices is on Spanish , so I am searching for a UK/USA version of the game EPROM. I have a rom burner, so I just need a dump of a uk/usa rom Any?
  2. Hi The one side of my sega scud race has no force feedback. When I boot the game I get driver board error. And the segment on the pcb displays ER 02 if I swap the two pcb's between the cabinets I move the fault, so it is this pcb that have the error. I have changed the three electrolytic caps on the pcb, but that did not solve the issue, also I have reseated the two socket chips. Does any have an idea of how to troubleshoot this pcb? Or have a spare working that I can buy?
  3. Hi I have solved the problem with a small latching relay
  4. Hi i have this old prosonic 14 inch crt tv, that I am planning to use in my pong cabinet. But in order to turn on the tv from standby I need to push one of the three buttons on the front. (Volume up/down or menu) I have allready put 12v on scart pin 8, then the tv automatic switch to the av channel. Is there a old known hack to get old crt tv's to turn on from standby when power is applied?
  5. Hi Can somone help me identify this IC? I had ordered some 74LS50 but I got this 7229... now I'm so curious to figure out what the IC I have.. Note... I have got my money back and got the corect ones :)
  6. Hi I have shared my repair notes here https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/95l5yu2idyx3pedbjb1bm/Repair-log-sega-g-loc.ods?dl=0&rlkey=03lg770vqwqmo5nchwetw1kfu My repair log can be found here https://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=36585.0 Let me know if you need help :) Kind regards Per
  7. Super 😎 Let me know if you need som screenshots of the errors and fixes that I have sent you. 😀
  8. Hi Kaizen Is it possible to by a Pong reproduction PCB from you? Kind regards Per
  9. Hi I found this old post Does any know where to get this pong pcb kit? Kind regards Per
  10. Hi I have a kortek ki-2-vo arcade chassis that I am trying to fix. It looks like this one http://www.jomac.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2006/02/Kortek_Copy-of-Nanao-MS720L1.jpg My current fault is that the x.ray proctection is shutting down the flyback. If I remove the D541 near the HA11235, and disable the x-ray the chassis starts up, and there is picture. But I need a schematic to find out why the x-ray protection is active. Does any have som sort of schematic / documentation on this chassis?
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