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  1. Yeah @Tracey will be there and @Ivanstorm will be there also :)
  2. Hi everyone, Just though I would share that I am going to Arcade Club in Bury tomorrow, I'll try to post a few pics if I remember 🙂
  3. That's a lot of dots and fruit, great score
  4. Happy new year! I wish everyone a happy and safe new year
  5. Yolympics has returned for the Winter! The competition will take place from the 31st of January to the 6th of March. The top eight scores from each team will be utilised to score points for that team in this four-team competition. Please visit the Yolympics Discord for questions and discussion about the Yolympics. Quick links. CAG Discord Yolympics 2022 voting form Winter Yolympics 2022 registration. Team Captains wolfman- Kawaii Melon Farmers Dumple - Team RUB END TheSunshineFund - Infallible Team Generator v2.0 ChrisP - Big Cigars Tournament Dates Tournament Start: January 31st, 0:00 PM UTC. Tournament End: March 6th, 11:59 PM UTC. This is a hard cutoff. All submissions must be submitted by this time. Game Nominations and Voting Players will vote on the games of their choosing to decide the final game list. The tournament organizer will then select the games with the highest amount of votes in each category Yolympics 2022 voting form Banned Games Everything from Yolympics 2019 , Summer Yolo 2019 , Winter Yolympics 2020 & Summer Yolympics 2021 How to Register Players must register at Winter Yolympics 2022 registration. The registration period is until the 30th of January 2022 (subject to change) Rules -Autofire is prohibited (unless the game allows it) - Pausing your game is forbidden. - Mapping multiple keys/buttons to a single input is not forbidden. -All MAME entries must have an average recorded speed of at least 95%. or 100% - All submissions must include an INP or a video link (twitch or youtuber preferably) The acceptable platforms include WolfMAME 0.183 or WolfMAME 0.237 or an original arcade cab. Please submit only one attempt per INP. WolfMAME submissions that are video-only will be required to show the start-up of the WolfMAME and the game settings (if they aren't internal dip switch settings).
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