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  1. Here is the inp file 🙂 evz-coolridr-wolf258-3m25s16ms.zip
  2. 2'13"23 I guess I ain't a cool rider I agree with @Ace1942 and @SMK pretty cool to have a time based game 🙂
  3. Difficulty 6 201,300 Made it to Earth. -------
  4. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/228-mgl57-no-jumpman-arcade/
  5. Not long now 🙂 Good luck everyone
  6. Good luck everyone 🙂
  7. Congrats @dbh on winning MGL56, congrats to @DaLar on getting 2nd. Thanks again to @OOO for another amazing tournament 🙂 See you all in MGL57 🙂
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