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  1. Blame Stern, such is the demand for LE’s that is what they can get away with.
  2. I needed to pay a $10k deposit for Mando LE, the first time for mine that has been a requirement. That is because Stern were requesting distributors to cough up the full amount in advance, so the distributor pays the balance.
  3. Don’t worry, I got the same with Mando which was the first for mine that such as high deposit was required. You can thank Stern however. Paid in June and still waiting for the game..late October at this stage.
  4. All well and good but you won’t be getting any Godzilla machines here anytime soon either…
  5. Was advised today that LE deliveries have been delayed…again and this time not until mid October at the earliest. That’s a 3 month delay due to shipping…
  6. What’s the current wait time from order?
  7. What do people think an LE would be worth second hand? Haven’t seen any listed locally myself…
  8. The last update I received said mid August.
  9. Would be interesting to see what one would go for currently, would command a fair premium in this market I reckon.
  10. Congrats to those that secured one, can’t believe they all sold in a day. Amazing where this hobby is at. Not sure how I would feel if I knew it could take 18 months before I received my machine however…
  11. Are you going in on a CE? At the risk of being controversial, I am not sure if it looks a bit too home made versus a Stern for instance? Not sure, can’t put my finger on it but something just jumps out saying homebrew.
  12. I have been told mid August for my LE but as always that could push out.
  13. Word is the art is amazing. Not a dream them for mine, will wait and see the full reveal before making a final call. 2 games being released with the same playfield is an interesting approach.
  14. Signed up as a fangclub member…is there a distributor here in Australia or do we deal directly with them to purchase machines?
  15. That topper is terrible…what were they thinking?
  16. Wayne knows better than the distributors do. When mine was arriving in January and I said I would get it in February, he argued it would be January. it was February…
  17. Good point…time to move it on 😉
  18. I am about 150 plays I think and no playfield issues at all.
  19. Amazing to think I will have had my GNR LE since February and will have my Mandalorian LE probably before the next GNR arrive.
  20. It’s not the norm, Stern were forcing distributors to pay up front due to tight allocation for LEs and the demand.
  21. Had to pay $10.5k the day after being told I got one of the allocation though Zax.
  22. Received notification today my LE has been delayed by a month…now expecting to arrive mid August.
  23. For all those expecting games, all I can say is it will be worth the wait. One of the few games that exceeds the hype….it really is that good
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