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  1. Maybe you rare confusing LZ with Mando. Brian Eddy did Mando.
  2. Mando is popular, anyone saying it’s not just because of the hype around Godzilla is disingenuous. The best title in pinball is always the next one. Maybe not so much Rush as that is very niche, then again look at Stranger Things. No love when it came out, was derided and now is hot property.
  3. I tried getting an update but haven’t heard anything,
  4. No chance that will happen, there are hardly any coming here. Godzilla looks great, yes. However it’s also the latest release….there is always another great release just around the corner. People always want the latest. By the time Godzilla lands here, the next Stern will already be released.
  5. Blame Stern, such is the demand for LE’s that is what they can get away with.
  6. I needed to pay a $10k deposit for Mando LE, the first time for mine that has been a requirement. That is because Stern were requesting distributors to cough up the full amount in advance, so the distributor pays the balance.
  7. Don’t worry, I got the same with Mando which was the first for mine that such as high deposit was required. You can thank Stern however. Paid in June and still waiting for the game..late October at this stage.
  8. All well and good but you won’t be getting any Godzilla machines here anytime soon either…
  9. Was advised today that LE deliveries have been delayed…again and this time not until mid October at the earliest. That’s a 3 month delay due to shipping…
  10. What’s the current wait time from order?
  11. What do people think an LE would be worth second hand? Haven’t seen any listed locally myself…
  12. The last update I received said mid August.
  13. Would be interesting to see what one would go for currently, would command a fair premium in this market I reckon.
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