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  1. Hiya friends, Hope you're all keeping safe and well. Outside of filtering through this thread and others on AA, I'm wondering if there are any recommended learning resources you can point me to (E.g. articles, blogs, videos etc.). I'm looking at dipping my toe into the world of Candy Cabs and am hoping for an overview of the basic system hardware and what each part does. Not every specific component, just those specific to CCs. I might have the opportunity to purchase a Naomi or Net City and would like to know what I need to start playing games. As a preface, I'm really into 'fighters' and would love to start with some SF Alpha 2 or Alpha 3 if possible. Many thanks and apologies if I am rehashing old conversations/discussions. Happy to be redirected elsewhere!
  2. Hiya friends, Hope everyone is safe and well. As per the topic looking for LAI Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hit me up, if you're looking to sell or know of one available. Victoria buyer but will consider shipping interstate. Many thanks & Take care!
  3. Still on the lookout focus. Can now confirm I'm after a 25mm square pushbutton in white/transparent. Thanks in advance ;)
  4. Amazing. @dragonlee would you be willing to sell me one please!?!
  5. Anyone have any leads on where I might purchase a replacement game select button (white square) for a Neo Geo MVS cabinet. Thanks in advance :)
  6. As per the title- wondering if anyone has an Dragons Lair they're looking to part with. Thanks in advance.
  7. *Potential Scammer* Please note this seller (MegaIndo; aka Kevin Ghaliya Indrawan) is currently under investigation across several Facebook Neo Geo MVS collector pages for lack of communication and failure to send purchased goods. Please tread lightly.
  8. Hi, do you have cart/board pics? Are these original or bootleg? Thanks
  9. I'd be interested in some of those carts chaos199. Prices please? First dibs of course to DiGiTaLJaM.
  10. Sorry for the muted response everyone. Just wanted to say thank you for all your suggestions. Unfortunately I think these repairs are going to be beyond my skill set. Any idea who I be able to contact in Melbourne to have a look at this?
  11. As per the title after a clean copy of Windjammers for the NEO GEO MVS. Authentic carts only. No bootlegs or multi carts please. Thank-you in advance;)
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