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  1. Willy Wonka LE #353 for sale $18000 excellent condition & reluctant sale. Room needed for next machine undated to Current code USB wifi included which gives access to Scorbit & easy code updates would consider swap for Deadpool LE Any questions & further details please send me a message
  2. Hey can I grab the DP shooter rod please.
  3. Got my email today also… feels like a lifetime ago I put my order in!! For those wondering like where in the que they are like I was the last few month I’m order number 114 & placed my order 9th oct.
  4. When did you guys order yours out of interest? i ordered 8th oct but no email unfortunately
  5. Great advice... I’ll give it a go!! ��
  6. I’ll give it a look... thanks symonz did yours work sometimes & other random times just not register the ball being there?
  7. Hi all, im having issues on occasions with a ball getting stuck behind the dropped targets in the little deadpool lock. The pin will do a ball search then have a message saying “little deadpool malfunction�... wait for a while, do another ball search then reset the drop targets & return the ball into play. any advice on how to fix this or what the problem is???
  8. If the deadpool artblades sale falls through let me know... I was to slow on this one today!! 😔
  9. Hi, I realise this an old post but are you making anymore/ have spares left over? I’m chasing a sparky air ball plastic & cant find them anywhere. thanks
  10. Out of interest... does this happen on all stern’s across the range or are different parts used on pro’s compared to LE’s?
  11. Just for the thread & anyone reading with a similar problem.... so took the coil stop off to find the broken lug inside the coil sleeve.... hence why it was still working with good power just not having a strong hold. Coil sleeve & flipper rod all good & near new.... this deadpool machine has has just over 300 games so shows how bad the coil stops are on these sterns. just ordered some new coil stops from Zax that say they are an improved coil stop... fingers crossed. 🤞
  12. That 1st flipper (the left) is the one in question but still has good power... photo below of the right flipper coil stop that works fine.
  13. Thanks for the input all... I appreciate the help & don’t mind a thread visit without messaging. ive gotten home to check out the suggestions... I don’t seem to have the coil stop. Should the flipper even be working without this??
  14. So by “bounce� l mean when I hold it to up to catch the ball it will trampoline off the flipper & go halfway back up the play field. It’s like it has a mini flip when the ball hits the engaged flipper.
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