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  1. Hi Just after some Non working sega power supplies for parts Thanks john
  2. Hi looking for Midway WWF Westlemania pcb please Thanks john
  3. Hi all What is the going rate for a Namco System 1 Galaga 88 PCB here in Aus. Thanks
  4. Hi Looking at purchasing some pinball parts from the USA but the company does not post to Australia, Can anyone please recommend a decent post forwarding company they have used in the past Thanks John
  5. Hi all, Wanted Nanao 20" CRT & chasis Thanks for looking
  6. Hi Wanted arcade PCBs: Combat school, TMNT, Green Beret, Narc, Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, Shadow dancer, Commando Thanks John
  7. Hi All, Just after the following boards Wanted arcade PCB : Midway Westlemania, Midway NBA Hangtime, Midway Maximum Hangtime Thanks John
  8. Hi Looking for the following pcbs Wanted original PCBS =Combat school, Hyper Olympics, Galaga 88, Rampage world tour, wonderboy,
  9. Hi all Need help identifying pcbs if possible thanks john
  10. Hi I have replaced the coil and adjusted the EOS still the same issue, Thanks
  11. Hi , Need some help with a flipper problem, the right flipper on my WPC95 will not hold up when flipper button is pressed, it double flips when pressed, Thanks John
  12. Thanks for the replies, I was chasing one for a cactus canyon, but would take one from any WPC 95 with the intent to modify.
  13. Hi I was chasing a stern AC/DC lock down bar Thanks
  14. Hi Would anyone have a wpc 95 lighting harness Thanks john
  15. Hi Looking for a Munster LE pinabll Thanks john
  16. Hi 

    interested in captain commando

    and gauntlet legends

    thsnks john

  17. Hi I will take atomisesve if still available thanks Hi i will also take the tc2 boards and guncases thanks
  18. Hi all, I have a mortal kombat 4 PCB looking to trade only for a galaga 88 PCB thanks
  19. Hi, What is the best detergent to use in an ultrasonic cleaner when cleaning pinball parts ..? Thanks
  20. Thanks Wayne. Also Wayne, would you know which pinball's had the "Bally made in the USA" & "Williams made in the USA"
  21. Hi Which pinball's had the 50th anniversary sticker on the Playfield glass. I have a TOTAN with an original one on it Thanks John
  22. Hi all, Just chasing a non working Taito x2 board for parts thanks
  23. Hi I was after some American Laser Game Parts Game Rom Boards Laser Disc's TAOS Board Thankyou Regards John
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