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  1. Hi Looking for a Munster LE pinabll Thanks john
  2. Hi 

    interested in captain commando

    and gauntlet legends

    thsnks john

  3. Hi I will take atomisesve if still available thanks Hi i will also take the tc2 boards and guncases thanks
  4. Hi all, I have a mortal kombat 4 PCB looking to trade only for a galaga 88 PCB thanks
  5. Hi, What is the best detergent to use in an ultrasonic cleaner when cleaning pinball parts ..? Thanks
  6. Thanks Wayne. Also Wayne, would you know which pinball's had the "Bally made in the USA" & "Williams made in the USA"
  7. Hi Which pinball's had the 50th anniversary sticker on the Playfield glass. I have a TOTAN with an original one on it Thanks John
  8. Hi all, Just chasing a non working Taito x2 board for parts thanks
  9. Hi I was after some American Laser Game Parts Game Rom Boards Laser Disc's TAOS Board Thankyou Regards John
  10. They look like Astros to me Next time get your facts right before posting on somebody’s tread All sold one guy purchased the lot Thankd for the interest
  11. For sale Sega Astro City Cabinets Working $600 or best offer All original, Nanao monitor etc
  12. Hi can some advise which model capcom board is this thanks
  13. Hi Need help identifying this JST connector also where is the best place to purchase thanks john
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