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  1. Hi all What is the going rate for a Namco System 1 Galaga 88 PCB here in Aus. Thanks
  2. Hi Looking at purchasing some pinball parts from the USA but the company does not post to Australia, Can anyone please recommend a decent post forwarding company they have used in the past Thanks John
  3. Hi all, Wanted Nanao 20" CRT & chasis Thanks for looking
  4. Hi Wanted arcade PCBs: Combat school, TMNT, Green Beret, Narc, Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja, Shadow dancer, Commando Thanks John
  5. Hi All, Just after the following boards Wanted arcade PCB : Midway Westlemania, Midway NBA Hangtime, Midway Maximum Hangtime Thanks John
  6. Hi Looking for the following pcbs Wanted original PCBS =Combat school, Hyper Olympics, Galaga 88, Rampage world tour, wonderboy,
  7. Hi all Need help identifying pcbs if possible thanks john
  8. Hi I have replaced the coil and adjusted the EOS still the same issue, Thanks
  9. Hi , Need some help with a flipper problem, the right flipper on my WPC95 will not hold up when flipper button is pressed, it double flips when pressed, Thanks John
  10. Thanks for the replies, I was chasing one for a cactus canyon, but would take one from any WPC 95 with the intent to modify.
  11. Hi I was chasing a stern AC/DC lock down bar Thanks
  12. Hi Would anyone have a wpc 95 lighting harness Thanks john
  13. Hi Looking for a Munster LE pinabll Thanks john
  14. Hi 

    interested in captain commando

    and gauntlet legends

    thsnks john

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