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    Candy cab. PCBs: NBA Hangtime, NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC/NFL Blitz 2000, Snow Bros, Killer Instinct 2, Super Streetfighter II Turbo, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and various multi-boards

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  1. If you have no luck with the trade and would like to sell, I am interested in purchasing CPS2 multi. Shoot me a message if you are interested.
  2. G'day narf, do you have a link to his ad or his contact details? Cheers!
  3. Shame they weren't in WA, as I would grab one for my kids!
  4. That is a 5S, which is a clone. 3A Games only make the following models: - Pandora Box 5 which is 960 in 1 - Pandora Box 6 which is 1300 in 1 (obviously there are older models 4, 3, etc but they are older so I won't list them. You can find out all the different models and bootlegs etc here: ) If you want to be 100% safe buy from 3A Games official store on Aliexpress. Otherwise when you see items advertised on eBay with those correct xxx in 1 games for the specific model, then you most likely have an original 3A Games produced Pandora Box.
  5. Anyone seen these at a store in WA for $199 ? I would love to get a Street Fighter one for my kids.
  6. @Claude, rather than re-wiring the cabinet or changing JAMMA pins and/or rewiring buttons, just purchase an Elf/Pandora's Box to JAMMA adapter. That way you leave your cabinet stock and just use the adapter when using Pandora's Box/or other clone boards that use the CHAMMA standard for wiring and 6 buttons. You can purchase one from either Jamma Nation X (which I personally own) or Mike's Arcade: JNX Atlas DLX - CPS1 and CPS2 $33.99 USD http://www.jamma-nation-x.com/jammax/store.html and a USD $17.95 CPS2 Kick harness (if you don't already have a kick harness) https://www.mikesarcade.com/cgi-bin/store.pl?sku=CAPCOM-H2 or Mike's Elf/Pandora's Box/Chamma to JAMMA adapter USD $19.95 + $12 CPS1 kick harness (if you don't already have a kick harness) or + $8 for CPS2 to CPS1 adapter (if you already have a CPS1 kick harness) https://www.mikesarcade.com/cgi-bin/store.pl?sku=JA-CHAMMA They both work with either a CPS1 or CPS2 kick harness that Capcom Street Fighter original JAMMA boards use for button 4,5,6 on each player. So if you already own one of those boards and have a kick harness, it easy to plug it straight into the adapter. If not just purchase a kick harness as per above with one of the CHAMMA to JAMMA adapters and you are set. Costs a few dollars extra, but in the long run is plug and play and you can leave the wiring in your cab stock.
  7. Unfortunately @Claude jammaplus forums closed in June 2018 after 14 years. I'm not aware of any publicly available forums with recent discussions/help on Pandora Box hacking. If you manage to find one, let me know! :cool: You can modify the files on the partitions on the SD card, but will need to mount them under Linux (or use a Windows/Mac tool that enables mounting of Linux partitions) to then edit the config files, roms etc. I recall reading some discussion on this on jammaplus late last year, but have never attempted it myself. I believe the hacked builds are built on Retropie, so should be relatively easy to modify - based upon how well documented it is to modify settings on Retropie running on the Raspberry Pi. Perhaps try contacting zanac who created the hacked image (another user then added the roms and uploaded the builds to Mega to share with everyone). Perhaps you can contact zanac via his GitHub page to see if he will assist with your query: https://github.com/zanac/OpenPB4 Good luck!
  8. With an LCD, it sounds like a VGA connector for video, so any of the recent Pandora's Box 5's should be easy to connect up and display a good picture. Personally, if you are after a simple plug and play solution that will be easy to install and perform the best. I would stick with the original 3A Games Pandora's Box 5 960 in 1. It has a better CPU and more memory, so newer games perform better and do not slowdown. This is the original company that all of the clones copy and hence better quality components. Pandora's Box 5 (~ AU$100, horizontal only): https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2018-New-Pandora-Box-5-960-in-1-Arcade-Version-Orange-Jamma-Game-Board-HDMI-VGA/937838_32843785287.html If you are happy to download hacked software and purchase an additional MicroSD card, then go with a clone Pandora's Box that can be hacked with new improved software as per my above post. Purchase this one and follow the links/directions to download the software (not all boards are the same and some cannot be hacked, so stick with this one). I cannot comment on the other clones you have listed as I have not tried them. Be aware that buying a clone is a roll of the dice, some may work ok, others may not and can be poor quality. So do research before purchasing and look at the reviews/comments. Pandora Box clone that can be hacked (~ AU$80, both horizontal and vertical after installing hacked software): https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-shipping-2017-new-arrival-Pandora-5S-999-in-1-PCB-Jamma-Mutli-Game-Board-MAME/3209072_32838625347.html Finally don't fall into the trap that more games is best or better value for money. The clone PB manufacturers will often load up additional games without testing the games first. So although they appear to have more games, often the extra games don't work at all; work, but slowdown so they are unplayable; games crash etc; or are just a copy/clone version of an existing game already on the unit. Pick a PB based upon user feedback and reviews. PB will never be the best quality or exactly the same as purchasing the original individual arcade game JAMMA boards, but can come close and are generally good value for money for their simple plug and play nature. You can download the Pandora's Box 5 960 in 1 roms from here (3A Games will send you this link after you checkout and pay for the item): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HNKY4KVQ5iZccusypRvu-16We4b8QDDd/view Unfortunately there is no one best solution out there as it depends on what you are after and if you are also willing to hack/change the software. If you really do want something simple, plug and play and guaranteed to work, then as stated above I would go with the original 960 in 1. However, JAMMA arcade machines in principle are designed to swap games in and out with ease. So you can always start with say the original PB 5 and then purchase a clone to hack the software for vertical at a later date and swap it out whenever you want to play different games. You next step is then buying original JAMMA arcade games board but that is an entirely different rabbit hole!
  9. First thing is to make sure if your cocktail is wired for JAMMA. Some older cocktail cabinets are not JAMMA wired and you will then need either a cable harness to JAMMA adapter or to rewire the cabinet to JAMMA. If your cabinet is newer and/or already JAMMA you are set. However, please attach a pic in your other "AA Intro thread post" and some members there can assist you with that. If you do end up using a Pandora's Box (or clone), you may need an extended JAMMA harness to ensure you have buttons 4,5,6 per player wired up if you wish to play games that use 6 buttons ie Street Fighter etc. You can usually purchase an extended JAMMA harness with a Pandora's Box. As for Pandora's Boxes that flip to player two, I'm not really aware of PB's that offer that functionality. It is usually only vertical games that flip and very uncommon for horizontal games to flip. There used to be an old 276 in 1 multicade board that would flip all games from a few years ago, but I don't believe they are being sold anymore. However, if you want vertical games that flip to player 2, your best options would be as follows: 60 in 1 Arcade Classics icade/Multicade vertical board (~ AU$45): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Jamma-60-in-1-Classic-Game-PCB-Board-Jamma-Multi-Game-Board-for-Upright-or-Cocktail/32612694453.html Pandora Box clone that can be hacked (~ AU$80): https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-shipping-2017-new-arrival-Pandora-5S-999-in-1-PCB-Jamma-Mutli-Game-Board-MAME/3209072_32838625347.html If you purchase this specific PB clone, it is a hardware version that you can simply swap out the MicroSD card with a new MicroSD card and download hacked software/image online which includes more games, better emulators & can also include home console games ie SNES, Sega MegaDrive whilst being displayed in a nicer interface ie Emulation Station etc. Download one of these images and write it to a new MicroSD: Vertical cocktail image with ~ 130ish games 8Gb MicroSD card required & will screen flip on player 2: https://mega.nz/#!rNonjDAZ!bCVD3-NMKbbvK7i-Zu3O9MIUdI5E4T3gzNeTIa_07O8 RetroPan 32gb MicroSD card required (includes home consoles etc): https://mega.nz/#F!fhMwERZC!D2NZnO8LccAqQ1AJ-nuBbw RetroArcade 16g bMicroSD card required (Arcade only): https://mega.nz/#F!mkEAAbAa!EroFuPbWPRYKGTQLg6m2Ew The two Retro images above can also start in vertical mode if you hold P1 button whilst powering on your arcade machine, otherwise they will start up in horizontal mode by default. Once you download any of the above files, extract using WinRAR, insert your new MicroSD card of the correct size into your PC and use Win32 Disk Imager ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ )to write the file to MicroSD card. Then just unscrew the Pandora's Box, remove the existing MicroSD card from the motherboard (keep it as a backup) and insert your new card with the freshly written image. Plug it all back together and you should be good to go. More info about the images, hacking Pandora's Boxes and assistance with using them can be found here: http://www.jammaplus.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=86191&PN=1&title=openpb4-project You can also get a vertical shoot 'em up/shmup Pandora's Box that includes only more recent vertical shooting style games. However this does not do screen flipping on player 2. King of Air 51 in 1 (~AU$60): https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Hot-Selling-Vertical-Screen-The-King-of-Air-51-in-1-Flight-Shooting-Jamma-Arcade-Game/937838_32506489706.html Sorry this is a long post, hope it helps!
  10. I agree with what others have said, for the price and simplicity, Pandora's Boxes are great value as they are plug and play. Obviously MAME on PC (or even Raspberry Pi 3+) can perform better with some games, however will cost more and involve alot more time & configuration to setup. Be wary as there are many clones of the original Pandora's Box (ironic considering the original is a emulator of arcade games). 3A Game Store is the original manufacturer of Pandora's Box. I have always purchased directly from their Aliexpress store with no problems. You may be able to purchase from other resellers, but you do run the risk of receiving a lower quality clone. Their store is here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/937838 The original Pandora's Box 5 supports 960 in 1. Any Pandora's Box 5 advertised as supporting more games such as a 5S, 5+ etc is a clone/fake. This wasn't too much of an issue with previous versions of Pandora's Box ie 4, 3 etc as all manufacturers basically used the same CPU etc. However, with the new version 5, 3A Games have used upgraded newer CPU & more RAM for better game emulation, whilst also supporting 720P HD resolution output. I have both the original 3A Games version 5 and 4S (815 in 1) and the performance increase in the 5 over the 4S is noticeable eg it now plays Mortal Kombat without any slowdown etc. Just be wary that original Pandora's Box version 5 is 720P output and does not currently support lower resolution CRT type displays. So the boxes do not work in low resolution arcade machines via JAMMA. They do support VGA or HDMI connections to higher resolution LCD screens, monitors, tvs etc. Clone version 5S, 5+ MAY work on JAMMA lower res screens (I don't have one so cannot comment), but do not have the better CPU/RAM as mentioned above. One final thing to note is 3A Games in order to become more "legitimate" with copyright now no longer supplies Pandora's Box version 5 containing any games. However they include a USB thumb drive and then email you a link containing a ZIP file to download the ROMs. After which you simply copy across to said USB thumb drive on your PC, before then plugging it into the Pandora's Bpx version 5 to use. More info here from their Aliexpress ad: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Pandora-s-Box-5-960-in-1-Jamma-Arcade-Version-HDMI-VGA-Output-HD-720P-Custom/937838_32845182085.html 3A Games also sell a "console" version that plugs in via HDMI to your TV and includes arcade wireless controllers: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Pandora-box-4S-680-in-1-game-Pandora-s-box-wireless-joystick-arcade-controller-zero-delay/937838_32813775619.html Let me know if you have any other questions as I have used these systems for years and find the original versions to be quite reliable and a cheap plug and play alternative to MAME.
  11. Awesome work. Great job with the ongoing refinements and additional features. Always nice to see some locally developed products. Please put me down for a Sentinel board and a couple of SNES adapters when the next batch is ready for release. Frank, which cheap mini ATX pico power supply did you use? Can you recommend an Aussie seller?
  12. Hey Zorn79, sorry mate, these are now all sold.
  13. Yeah apologies Jason, I assumed your lack of response indicated a lack of interest. All good! Cheers, Brett
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