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  1. Loving hearing those especially the dodgy fixes and stuff jammed in the cabs that would just make you scratch your head hahah. Amazing. I also had some coinage and few years' worth of lint up the top of the CP, what a find haha! The Flying Ant coins looked like they were maybe test coins because they'd been scribbled on... hard to say
  2. Hey all, Any interesting stories of what you've found in Arcade cabs that you have picked up? Got myself a nice Gottlieb Challenger cab recently with a little buried treasure - Found a few bucks at the back of the cab buried under assorted stuff, mainly flying ants (that are probs as old as me...) 😆 This got me to thinking that if there is any place to find out about what people have found in their pickups, man, this would be it!! I only got about $14 AUD or so in the bottom of the cab, but you know - whatever to offset the cost a little!! Have also snared a couple of coins in the bottom of an Astro City I picked up (apparently it's bad luck to buy a cab without coins in the bottom right?) haha Not exactly 'buried treasure' as such, but cocktail cab that I bought was already someone's private residence, man... Only noticed after I gutted it and chucked in a new PSU etc of course 😄 He came out to say hi and make me fill my dacks. I reckon the coin box was his hideout... Keen to hear any of your stories for a laugh, thanks all!
  3. To pick up from the original post, After the cab was clamped up tight for a couple of days to allow the wood glue to fully cure, the next step was to make sure the front 2 panels were ready to paint, which meant repairing the damaged gelcoat at the front by bogging up the damaged sections. The main points of focus being the bottom of the Coin Door Panel And the bottom of the speaker panel. With a decent sand and thorough clean and wipe down the front of the cab got all sealed up ready for a spruce After a little testing on some separate panels it was on with the paint! Thinking about the paint as I applied it I was fully expecting the surrounding panels to look very different to the front - despite it being colour matched. It was more or less a larger scale of what I saw in the Sample chip that had the new paint side by side. The new paint looked vibrant and it even made the old surfaces that were pretty well protected look quite faded and dull. Although initially I was packing it because I thought the colour match was wrong, eventually I realised that the way the fresh paint looked was a good thing, as when the paint dries and sets it should look closer to the HeliFire cabs shown in the original photos i'd found online. Overall I was very happy but the painted surface had tiny ripples in it, even though i tried to be careful with the application thickess. It was after i finished that first coat on the 2 front panels I realised I forgot to apply the primer before I sprayed on the enamel!! Annoying but no huge deal 😄 the coat dried out beautifully, and it will still be getting another few coats yet so i will be able to get it perfect. After a few days of letting the paint set, i stood the cab up and took it outside to compare the freshly painted front to the faded half bogged up side panels It was actually as expected and when complete should look incredible! With a few days for the cab to cure, this allowed a bit of time to strip back and restore some of the other cab peripherals. The Upper Marquee Retainer before Upper Marquee Retainer after (and lower Marquee Retainer after) The Coin Door as removed from the cab Coin Door completely stripped back and primed And repainted (sorry about the fingerprint smears and dust haha) Thanks and I'll put up some pics from the new parts arriving, the restoration of the Control Panel etc shortly,
  4. Hey everyone, I just realised i've already posted a few things, but I've forgotten to introduce myself (oops) - so yeah here we are! Am originally from Gawler in South Aus but moved to Brisbane c.2005ish (?) for a 6 month working holiday, and been here since 😄 First gaming experiences of playing Arcade cabs were in the pubs along the Main street of Gawler and down the road at the Willaston Hotel in the late 1980s / early 1990s. It was there my big bro and I played our first games of Double Dragon, and also Moon Patrol at the Willaston footy club on Saturday nights among other places. Go Donnies! I got the bug to collect arcade cabs in about 2017 when 1UP Arcade opened here in Morningside, Brisbane. I built myself a cab from mygamesroom.com.au (lowboy flat-pack), got a Double Dragon PCB then went to work on the World Record for that. During that first cab build I found I actually enjoyed the the build+repair side as much as playing the games. That lead to keeping an eye out for some little projects here and there, which introduced me to some absolute legends around the place too and how i found my way here to Aussie Arcade! I completed a Donkey Kong cab build in Feb 2020 after attending AAC1 and Kong Off 3 as part of BPAC 2019. That same cab was then one of the Donkey Kong cabs in the recent Aus Kong Off 4 lineup held at Brewdog Murarrie back in July. Mine is the second DK cab at the right hand side. During BPAC 2021 I also got the chance to meet a few absolute champs in the Pinball scene too and got to experience my first flip frenzy... Wow! For a Pinball virgin (okay, Pinball noob) like me it was intense!! 😆 Would love to own a couple of pins one day, but I think i'm a bit late to the party there. Stern don't miss ya even on the price for the new Pro's, and finding a nice 90's era Bally/Williams or early Gottlieb is becoming pricey too for someone looking to get into it for a bit of fun. Time to start saving i guess! Cheers legends and thanks for having us here!!
  5. Hey and nice to hear Double Dragon still gets some love occasionally. I still hold the Arcade WRs for Double Dragon for the exploits and no exploits tracks on Twin Galaxies, but who knows for how long 😄 Nice to meet ya!
  6. Hey all, Just wanted to share a project of mine I've been chipping away at since the beginning of the year. A couple of progress pics before the story are probably the go! This is the resto as it is currently. The project is a Nintendo HeliFire cab (if you're not familiar, HeliFire is a reasonably rare Nintendo cab released 1980 pre Donkey Kong... I thought I knew Nintendo but I hadn't heard of it until I lucked across this one 👍) - after completing a resto on that Space Fever Cocktail Cab last year I was keen to get the chance to restore a game I didn't know all too well and by chance this one popped up! I wasn't 100% ready to start another project when it came up of course, but hey, when the opportunity comes up you gotta jump on it 😄!! A mate shared the ad from FB marketplace which appeared to be a Red Nintendo cab, early 80's design which caught my eye straight up. I noticed the cab had a yellow bezel, which I thought was a bit unusual though. It was not immediately evident to me from the photos which game it could have been, so I took a gamble and grabbed it as soon as I could anyway. Based on my knowledge at the time I figured the cab could have been any of the Early Nintendo Cabs like Space Firebird, Radar Scope or any Donkey Kong conversion-era game. The bezel design looked like it was from a Radar Scope cab - although Radar Scope Bezels are Blue. I checked with a mate who checked with a contact of his in the US who said it sounded like a "HeliFire"... At first I didn't know what the game even was. From the photos it was definitely going to be a fixer-upper though! I went and looked the HeliFire cab up to find it was actually extremely rare. A little info on the HeliFire game/cab from KLOV - Info below also available on this link: https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=8101 Snip for those who don't hyperlink TL;DR = Was keen to start project so I jumped in 😄 Found out the cab was more rare than i had originally thought Here's what these cabs look like as new Aaaand here's what the cab looked like when I went to pick her up: I knew it was going to be a 'fixer upper' all right, but that hit me the first chance I had to see the cab in the flesh. Having a walk around there wasn't anything on the cab that didn't need work. The first thing on my mind was to determine what game the cab originally was... I removed the Serial Tag on the back to take a closer look. Typically the model of the game should be denoted on the tag but not always. As below, nothing on the tag RE the model. Serial 262 meant it was very early in production, I have not seen an earlier version of this cab anywhere to date (hope to of course 🙂 ) So this actually checked out. The early Japanese made Plywood Nintendo Cabs did not even denote they were a Nintendo cab, it looked like some didn't have the model stamped on either. The Serial Tag had taken a big gouge too, which was a bit annoying. I did some research later on and found that these cabs were produced in 240v 50hz also. Anyway, disappointments on damage of the tag aside, the details on the tag itself seemed to make sense. The next bit was to open the cab and have a scratch around for more evidence of what the cab was originally. So looking inside the cab, four things added up for me... 1. The cab was fitted with what looked to be the original Sanyo Monitor. The Chassis was replaced with a Kortek, am guessing the Sanyo EZ20 chassis would have been turfed ( 😞 ) 2. The cab was fitted out with a Sanyo speaker and I knew from my Donkey Kong cab that the speaker connector was the same as a Nintendo cab. 3. The Single Mech Coin Door was correct compared to photos i checked, and it still had the Asahi-Seiko 740 coin mech installed (filed out and set for AUS 20c coins, but still legit 👍 ) 4. The spray pattern on the inside of the speaker panel of the cab was the same as other original Japanese-made Nintendo cabs i'd seen on other posts/forums at KLOV This meant the chances of this cab being a bootleg were actually pretty slim, and that it was in fact a genuine Nintendo cab. I just needed to confirm whether it was actually HeliFire or if it was another cab with a HeliFire Bezel fitted to it. Snooping around I noticed the adjustment instructions stuck to the inside of the rear door of the cab. I had a read of the adjustment instructions which mentioned TUB I/O and TUB ESS, both of which are boards of the HeliFire PCB (the third being the TUB-CPU board). Also, DIP Switch info details number of submarines, pots for adjustment of wave height etc... I cross confirmed this info on Mikesarcade.com https://www.mikesarcade.com/cgi-bin/spies.cgi?action=url&type=info&page=NintendoList.html Confirmed HeliFire cab found in the wild in QLD!!! So there wasn't much else left to do but load it up on the ute, get it back home and start restoring to its former glory After getting the cab back home the first thing to do was take stock of the cab and start to strip that god-awful green paint off the sides to see what the original gelcoat (laminate) condition was like underneath. If it was possible i would have liked to have left it as its original patina for a bit of character. Alas, but anyway read on for more... Both the Speaker Panel and the Coin Door Panel had about 15mm of gelcoat torn clean off the bottom of each. Somehow? I was trying to think to myself how a strip like that could have been removed from both panels in that way. Still cannot work it out. The RHS of the cab had some big strips torn off the bottom which looked pretty recent and made me doubtful of what I could do to leave it be with minimal work. But I wanted to strip it back and see what it looked like anyhow. So I went to work with Orange Goo remover and Magic Erasers to carefully remove that green paint on the side panels. What a bastard of a job. I will say with the combination of magic erasers and certain removal products (there was a Diggers Vanilla scented metho based cleaner i used from memory?) that all the paint came off easily without affecting the gelcoat underneath During stripping the green crappy paint off the side panels I managed to get a fair bit of gel coat chip off and get stuck under a few fingernails too which felt amazing After a week off and on I managed to get both sides stripped down and my feelings on the matter were a bit mixed To be honest, I wasn't surprised but still disappointed to see it was in pretty bad nick. There were a lot of damaged areas that weren't exactly hidden, but didn't look as bad under the Swamp Thing green paint that the cab had slapped on the sides of it. Now that the paint was removed, it really didn't look so flash. I removed all the internals from the cab and laid it on its side for a closer look. ^ As above the gelcoat was all lifting and I would need to either rip off the loose parts, or try to glue it all back and save as much as possible. I decided on gluing and clamping to save what I could. Also, I got onto painting the base satin black again as quick as I could so I couldn't see as much Green on the poor cab anymore 😄 Along with the large chips (and in some cases as below, strips) of gelcoat removed, there were a multitude of dents and deep scratches found in the base. Further to the physical damage from impact, strips peeled off etc there was also the matter of the cab no longer looking remotely like the original colour. It was then i had decided that leaving the cab in as-found condition like this would have made the cab look like a big faded red turd. It was going to need to be colour matched as close as absolutely possible to the original, repaired and repainted. I decided against new flowcoat/gelcoat because of my experience with it (none), and also the lack of availability, as much as I would have liked to try it. A hard, smooth enamel finish should approximate the finish almost perfectly and last for another 40 years all things being good!! Taking a chip off the least sun damaged part of the cab possible I used a bit of cut and polish to return it to its original lustre (as close to anyway) and took it to Dulux to get colour matched. The above is a bit of a crap photo, but the colour matching looked very, very, very close to the original, I think Dulux did an awesome job of matching it. All that was clear was that the new enamel had this really bright quality which made the rest of the paint chip look quite tired looking in comparison despite being cut and polished. Over the next couple of days, I ordered a whole bunch of parts for the cab from different places, clamped up the front of the cab and started to bog up the damaged Speaker and Coin Door Panels and get it ready for a paint. With everything ready to go, all that needed to be done was prep the two front panels and apply a new coat to see how that colour would set! Thanks and stay tuned for more on this one, I hope to put up more of the progress story shortly!
  7. Awesome outcome mate! Really well done. Shame the other Chassis was a goner, but i guess with X amount of hours and years it takes its toll on the HV componentry 😞
  8. Thanks everyone, wait til you see project HeliFire Stay tuned for that one 😉
  9. Mate can you link us to the paint code you and Zanderzone used for the DK blue or put up a pic of the side of that tin? I used Dulux Liberty Blue but as discussed at AKO4 you mentioned it's not quite right. Keen to get the best match I can. Cheers
  10. @hvc01 I'll take that WW please mate
  11. Hey @Tonjo thanks mate! A few more finishing touches to go. I will be removing the foam around the edge of the tabletop once i locate some suitable replacement. Might check Clark Rubber or something, I imagine that foam wouldn't be easy to find That, new lock mechanism for the coin box and a bit of a general buff up for the Aluminium feet and we are close to being done.
  12. This was the resto i did https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/arcade/video-and-electromechanical-arcade-restoration-forum/2206396-space-fever-b-w-cocktail-cab-resto
  13. Hi everyone I bought a Space Fever Cab in around August last year and had been working on the resto and meant to provide some updates. Seeing I never did I thought I would provide a full download on the job 😂 The cab was found local (Brisbane) - I believe it was Berty's Space Fever originally... Sale from this link though i didn't buy via AA, I saw the cab browsing through Gumtree one weekend. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/trading-forum/for-sale/for-sale-arcade-open-for-posting/2159561-nintendo-space-fever#post2205963 This was the cab as I picked her up. When I got the old girl home, I set her up in the workshop and got to work on some of the basics. This is the Plate and JAA sticker which looks to be the same as the one advertised by Berty Colour overlay was in beautiful condition. Tried to leave alone, wiped off with a little glass cleaner, very gently albeit... Overall the bones of the cab were pretty good. Looking into it further and testing the componentry I found: - CRT was completely non-functional. No powerup, chassis was soaked in yellow cap goo, was a bit yuck. - CRT looked to have significant screen burn (no judgement - the cab is 3 years older than me 😄) - Nintendo Power Brick (PSU) was U/S. No voltage out, when I removed her, I could hear caps rattling around inside which was not too encouraging - PCB looked in good condition but could not test at that point, stored away safely until later. - CPO looked like it had been burnt by some champion of humanity with a cigarette lighter or something... After I did a strip out of the cab I got in touch with Mike Haaland (Mikesarcade) and sourced a new: - PSU replacement - New Coin Stickers - New interconnects cables between the PCB and PSU (10-pin and 12-pin, I think??) - New Chrome Tabletop corners - New Table Instruction card and stickers (I did not and have not touched the original Japanese instruction Stickers, the new English stickers are laying over the top til i can source repro Japanese ones) I grabbed some new Screws of a decent gauge / width to reattach the tabletop to the body of the cab - I then ordered a new Tempered Glass tabletop from Archer Glass in Salisbury (QLD) then fitted it all up Once all fitted up and looking the part, I carried out a re-wire of the cab and installed the new PSU, and did my first ever re-cap on the CRT in the hopes it would then power up. I wish I only had videoed the reaction of mine when i saw the monitor come on for the first time!!! Was awesome 😃 After some testing and verifying everything I knew that PCB still had issues. I sent the Space Fever PCB off to @Kaizen who helped us get it all up and working again. While Kaizen had the PCB I did a couple of things: - Lightly went over the cab body with a wire brush attachment for heavily rusted areas - Covered the Cab body with rust converter so as not to ruin the patina, but to remove the surface rust ready to paint - Quick wipedown and then 2 coats of rustoleum colour as advised by Kaizen - The original Space Fever CPOs were removed from the cab and sent off to Carson at Noodleshirt for reproduction With the PCB repaired after a bit it was all put back together and tested at Kaizens place. Worked brilliant!! The next step was to take the cab back home and install the new CPOs (grind the rust of the tops of the panel bolts prior to installing ��) Here are the results!! The CPOs from Noodleshirt ^^^ Haha you can just see my toe at the end there Below: ready for install of the CPOs Note - I lightly sanded off the "Game A" button to try and remove some of the damage, didn't seem to work so great but maybe, i dunno looked about 10% better A few more little touches and it was done. After a quick clean it was straight into my little arcade downstairs. Bloody great to have it as part of the collection. (gonna paint match and fix that deep scratch in the tabletop - its killing me haha) Thanks everyone! Hope it was worth the read 😎
  14. Hey mates I restored a Space Fever cab end of last year / beginning this year. I bought it off someone on Gumtree when I was having a casual Sunday morning browse through and the cab came up. The previous owner had been meaning to get round to restoring it but unfortunately just didn't have the time. I believe it was you @Berty !! Hope you are well mate So yeah I popped down and picked up the cab and carted it on home. I will share some pics for a little inspiration in a separate post and link to it off this thread Thanks
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