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  1. If you just wanna check the monitor why not just buy a 20 in one old game jamma they are like $50 Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  2. Prolly not what you wanna hear but you are better off not using the arcade vga you get better results with crt emudriver and a old ati card. Ive got it set up on my pvm and its amazing it can do all the correct resolutions and refresh rates. Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  3. I have a big buck world its got a dell cpu in it, it has a crt tho its huge, i think it cost me about 2k off gumtree, i was gonna operate it but havent got around to it been to busy with work to fix it up gotta do a few minor repairs to it Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  4. Would you sell it for cash? If so how much Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  5. You should be able to purchase it from somewhere like zax amusements i would think, they seem to have a lot of buck hunter stuff Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  6. ok finally got it working, it turns out the picture that i had taken before i sent it off to jomac there was 2 things that were plugged in completely wrong when i had got it back from the original tv repair shop. The rgb cord that goes into the chassis was the wrong one it had 2 plugs on it and it was the other plug that was suppose to be going to the chassis.
  7. Astro city no picture The board is confirmed working i sent that off for a battery change at the same time i had the chassis repaired, so from the what i can gather the problem is most likely to be in the jamma cable, i was just checking it out before and i found a broken wire and fixed that unfortunately it still dodnt make a differance Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  8. Ok i have a gray screen with lines now what do i do now? Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  9. Astro city no picture As far as i can tell everything is plugged in, i have neck glow and i hear the high pitch monitor is on sound when its on. Also when you turn it off you get a flash on the screen Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  10. That picture with the circle is not my machine it was a picture i found online Sent from my iPhone using Aussie Arcade
  11. i have no idea i tried to ping it to any of the green or red cords on the jamma and got nothing
  12. i have also just used a multi-meter to check from the jamma connector on the pcb to the rgbhv connector on the chassis and they are connected.
  13. i already have the rgb hv cord connected it is mounted to the bracket that holds the chassis. - - - Updated - - - i'm pretty sure its just an extra connector this is a picture i found online and its sitting in the bottom of the cab not connected like mine.
  14. any idea where? i cant find another connector even close to that one. the actual connector is coming off the harness neer the end with the jamma connector
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