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  1. Thanks Gemini for the offer on plastics, but just need the stainless incline ramp for the shooter lane.
  2. Hi guys, I know its a long shot, but if someone has a parted out Demolition man and can help with finding the shooter lane ramp it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Terry.
  3. It's an under rated pin that seems to fly under the radar, it comes from a designer that has some great titles under his belt.
  4. Yep thats the one Mario, if I can't locate one I will probably go that way. Cheers, Terry.
  5. Hi guys, I have broken the clear plastic that goes on the pop bumper, if anyone has a replacement one I am a motivated buyer. Cheers, Terry.
  6. These licensed software upgrades is the best news for pinball enthusiasts and collectors, especially for the B/W die hards like myself. Soren must be doing this more as a labour of love, rather than being financially motivated, and for this he must be praised and embraced by the pinball community. As far as the Wayne bashing and rights involved, this thread highlights the best and worst aspects of pinball when business and the hobby worlds collide.
  7. I'm chasing a Congo owners manual original, must be in good condition, if you have one please send me a p.m. Thanks in advance, Terry.
  8. Still would love to track one of these down locally.
  9. I'm thinking the difference is original being screen printed and the remake are next generation technology printed. I have sent a p.m. Wayne.
  10. Hi guys, I noticed that the front cabinet artwork on my Attack from Mars was looking a little ratty from lockdown bar damage. I tried a quick fix and made a hash of it, so I am looking for a replacement decal. If anyone has just the front and wants to sell please send me a p.m. Thanks in advance, Terry.
  11. Thin not only here, but everywhere. US prices are high as well for arguably Trudeau's best shooting game.I love the shots and the many modes this game has. No wonder its receiving all the notoriety of late and as mentioned many went into parts and rebirthed as MM's, so prices are high and rising for this title.
  12. Got it in the mail yesterday Burt, and it is a great bit of kit, many thanks.
  13. Put me in for one as soon as they become available, they look great.
  14. I'm thinking its time to start converting MM's back to Congo's, not the prettiest game, but a great shooting and flowing pin for a hack player like me.
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