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    TAF BOP TZ SS and always room for one more

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  1. 90’s titles pinballs are the new share market
  2. WTB Bally the shadow pinball prefer a Sydney pick up cash buyer happy new year guys
  3. Thanks guys I’ll check it out
  4. Hi guys I’m interested in a sttng pinball. Looking for a machine in good condition With a nice playfield. Prefer to buy close to Sydney for a cash pick up thanks regards dez
  5. Hi twilight zone out thanks
  6. Sold Hi guys looking to move my twilight zone pinball on.This pinball is in excellent unrestored condition it is an original 3 magnet game early production one of the first 200 made with some features regularly production games don’t have. It has colour dmd fitted new mini playfield with protectors, titan rings asking $8500 machine is in Sydney send me a message for photos or to arrange an inspection Dennis thanks
  7. Hi funhouse out corvette taxi and whitewater in thanks
  8. Hi guys still looking for a taxi playfield am looking at the hardtop system so could use a playfield that’s not so great plus a game manual thanks
  9. hi guys Im looking for a taxi playfield if anyone has a good one thanks
  10. Dez

    WTB taxi

    taxi found took a while no wonder uber is killing it. thanks for your replies and Wayne don't forget my T shirt Im a large cheers
  11. Dez

    WTB taxi

    Looks like Uber has killed all the taxis
  12. Problem resolved by testing and repairing all boards associated with the motor. Not certain which individual part was to blame but it is working reliably now
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