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  1. 90,260 Happy to finish with this, placed first in the first 2 rounds and had a not too bad bonus round.
  2. 3415 alright I’ll go first, my first score...no literally my first score
  3. Have never seen this one, but think I'm going to like it, not sure why, maybe because I get to punch the people
  4. Just a quick practice run, is set to 8 way now, so I’ll see what I can do. I had it set on 4 way from playing Rally Bike, which I now know is the wrong setup. 4 way L/R movements are more controllable but I was wondering why on LAX stage I kept getting run down by the tanker truck while weaving around the other bikes. I was looking for a strategy to deal with it, got through a couple of times but nothing consistent, then I realised I was loosing a bit of speed from the up input each time moving L/R allowing the truck to gain on me...doh now I need to get used to the 8 way handling and should see my score jump. Was able to get a 2nd on SFO, where previously the best I could do was around 9th.
  5. 28600 First coin drop, joystick still set on 4 way, but all good and gets me on the board. 👍🏻
  6. All good now, problem solved, got working on 183. Hi Guys, Having some trouble getting this running with the correct Bios setup as per the nominated ROMset, appreciate your learned advice. In Wolfmame 183, I can select the correct Bios setting 'US MVS 4 Slot,Ver 2' but the game wont run with the error of missing files. I believe the neogeo.zip was updated around 173-174, is this the issue?. Tried a number of download combinations for both ROMset and Bios but nothing has worked, so far. In Wolfmame 106 I can run the game but don't have the correct Bios setting in the options selections to chose, the closest option is 'US MVS (Ver. 2?)' Im happy to just use 106 but the question is can I submit to MGL with these settings. Thanks
  7. 👍🏻 and yet I drop a rank on the leaderboard, aargh...going to need to find another 60k somehow
  8. Haha, I have the same bad habit but the opposite way, I hit shoot when I want to start the lasso.
  9. 8220 Getting on the board, gonna struggle with this one
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