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  1. 175100 this game does nothing to make you want to play it...well for me anyway
  2. 263360 I’ve spent the time learning the patterns but it’s another thing again executing them correctly. Mistakes and lack of concentration can make a game break down quickly.
  3. Hey, I’m living on my sofa and wallowing in self pity and empty packets of popcorn...could it be that I am an underused, unappreciated superhero?????.......somebody get me a bomb!
  4. Well I’d better get on with it 232790
  5. Both games seem to challenge my reaction time but Bomb Jack more so due to the game mechanics, I can’t find a groove
  6. 86500 I always try to keep myself in check when posting to the MGL and leave it positive. However I am finding myself wondering do I dislike this or Bomb Jack more. ...and in an attempt to balance the ledger, fantastic 1.8mil @Synappzz
  7. 106200 Just shy of checkpoint T and some tasty bonus points
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