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  1. 417350 That’ll do, my shooting hand can take no more. Today’s goal was to crack 300k and hopefully clear stage 3, got there and some. Went into stage 4 with a full compliment of power ups and lives in hand. Was getting near to the final boss and dropped all but one of my lives in quick succession. Managed to stumble through and was taken out just as the boss was coming into screen. Satisfied with my return on investment on what has proved a challenging title.
  2. 255250 finally got past stage 2 after a 3 hr session, this game hurts me
  3. I have also come across these strategies from some of the videos I’ve watched, but yet to put into practice. Will leave it to OOO to make a ruling of course my 2c though, For me I am okay with it as a point pressing technique which is time limited and still keeps the game competitive in spirit (aka Donkey Kong technique of jumping by Kongs foot on the rivet stage). As with DK, you could have a player progress further into the game without point pressing and still score higher than another who did press. With players of equal skill levels then there is still a competitive edge with game management to extract more points. Those of lesser skill levels there is a saying ‘practice brings the impossible closer’ p.s. for a brief time I thought you might have been alluding to secret big cheese bonus points 😂
  4. On 720 found this and might be of interest I loved 720 and would always look forward to getting into Timezone for a game back in the day. Definitely on my fantasy wish list of machine to own. with the new MGL rules for trackballs and spinners, I plan to get 720 into the mix.
  5. well that didn’t help... It is a bit of a conundrum, the best I can come up with is Andro as a prefix from Greek “of men” where we get words like android. All I could find on Dunos is that it is a surname. So maybe it is naming the games protagonists? “The Men of Dunos” seems legit 😎
  6. 90,260 Happy to finish with this, placed first in the first 2 rounds and had a not too bad bonus round.
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