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    Nintendo Uprights: Donkey Kong; Donkey Kong Jr
    LowBoy with 39 in 1. restore with CRT and original Konami Yie Ae Kung Fu board
    2 Nintendo cocktail tables full restoration (Space Firebird/Space Fever/DK TBD)
    LAI 38" Maximum Force

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  1. All the cool kids are doing it 😝. I think I am alright with it because it is not a limitless strategy and things can get unstuck quickly. That said if it is deemed it should not be exploited here I am good with that too and I’d be happy to resubmit
  2. 544300 halfway to a mil, not sure I’ll get there by the end but I’m enjoying this title
  3. 216950 Got to deck 9 but only enough men for one phoenix bonus and then crashed and burned anyway.
  4. 155200 Been away and now playing catch up, should get in another session and hopefully can improve a bit.
  5. No bios needed but I needed the parent rom suprmrio for suprmrioa to work. I got mine from either coolroms or wowroms, can’t remember which, but it is working on 183
  6. 96400 I nominated this game because of childhood memories, but to be honest I have not played it much at all. I’ll be putting more time into it but this is a start
  7. 55750 this one is a struggle for me, just can’t seem to find my groove with it
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