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  1. 287400 Maybe with SectionZ tip, I might be able to crack 300k
  2. Yeah, I’m in the same boat, I’ve got through the horse stage 1 a couple of times but so slowly only for meagre points. I concentrate on clearing the lion and tightrope stages then go to the balls. Tonight I plan to work on the trampoline stage which I haven’t spent much time on to date. I’d like to push 250-300k If I can. I’ll still have a couple of games of Sunset Riders cause I’d like to beat Chief Scalpem before the end. 😎
  3. You’re close to a break through Danny me thinks, which character did you settle on?
  4. Looks like I’ve got more work to do 😂 I hope this is not a cunning plan to distract me from Sunset Riders while you post a super score over there 😝
  5. Thanks for the tips SectionZ I’d more or less given up on perfecting the horse stage. Found a few free Charlie’s on the lion stage. I also found you get 3 money bags on the tightrope when you walk to the right edge of the screen before jumping on the finish platform
  6. 234480 El Greco, el deado, made it to Chief Scalpem with a couple of lives in hand but didn’t last long.
  7. Hi Pez, your screen capture shows Centuri, I think its the wrong rom set?
  8. 164660 i know I’m on the verge, had a few good chances, going into the Smith bros all lives and power ups, then...brainfart
  9. You’re not the Lone Ranger, I can’t seem to get the timing, especially on the horse stage where the big points seem to be
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