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  1. Noodleshirt for art, have a look on ebay aus https://ebay.com.au/usr/cloudchas3r.... few used mca joysticks and buttons for sale still and Ozstick for new microswitches cheerz
  2. i managed to get really good results fixing my mortal kombat control panel sides that had crappy worn and faded laminate with British paints paint n prime, fire truck red gloss. Wet sanded between coats and sprayed 3 coats and also came pretty damn close matching with the new t-moulding I installed too . Only trouble is it aint stocked in bunnings anymore but found a few cans floating around on ebay. cheerz
  3. Goddamn now I want some Deb potatoes 🤦�♂�
  4. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293650332465
  5. Looks og , hopefully not an Orion tube mine just crapped itself after 1 & 1/2 years ,absolutely friggin beautiful ! �
  6. Wish it was (im based in Adelaide) been on Gumtree for ages, suddenly listed on ebay the other night cheerz
  7. Evening/Morning all, hope everyone's kickin ass and staying safe during these crazy times. Have 2 glorious OG cabs Mk1 and Mk2 and cant thank the almighty noodleshirt enough for making them look sexy as hell. About to go down the rabbithole of monitor chassis diagnostics and repair wish me luck.... cheerz
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