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  1. Found this sticker inside a cab I just picked up.
  2. The fuse is under the arrow that ddstoys put on his reply. It has the pinkish looking wire.
  3. Covid came at a good time for the governments. It has let the government hide the recession longer and put the blame for the economic problems on the epidemic. Australia isn't too bad off yet. We'll wait for the crash, they will be cheaper then :cool:
  4. We have a certain brand of 33KV circuit breaker in our system that for some reason the ants just love getting into the relays on one of the control boards. 99% of the time when there is a problem it is that board with the ants that is the culprit. They don't do it to any other model circuit breaker?
  5. No, that was me and I sold it to the very next guy who was more than happy with the price and I even dropped it off to him because he was nice :)
  6. I have one as well, can the game settings be changed? Mine doesn't have a hard drive just some sort of cartridge thing that plugs in where the ide cable plugs in.
  7. I just bought one recently. Was asking a bloke at work who is right into it and he said a 10" is good. I ended up finding a 8" dobsonian with a heap of extras for $150 so keep your eye on gumtree for bargains, you won't break the bank if you don't end up liking it. The fella at work said that was a great price for that size. Have only used it a couple of times so far the moon is awesome to look at. I have seen Jupiter and its rings plus some of its moons. But like they say size matters so the larger you go the more you will see I guess.
  8. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kuraby/collectables/champion-street-fighter-2-edition-arcade-machine-price-negotiable-/1236515642
  9. 45.C out here most of Sunday/Monday :realmad:
  10. No you're not the only one :)
  11. We are on acreage no sewerage so the grey water and septic are different tanks in the ground. When we bought the place the grey water was pumped out the tank via a big hose straight on the ground so came out fairly quickly. We have a very slight slope so I put an IBC at the higher part and pump the grey water into it instead of on to the ground and just let it trickle out through a normal garden hose to the plants. I figure if it comes out slower and longer it might be better than coming out all in one big hit? The hose is about thirty metres long and I just move it to different plants each day.
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