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  1. Should implement post prefix categories with color coding in the title: [For Sale] [Green] [Pending Payment] [Yellow] [Sold] [Red] What do you think?
  2. If you're close to Brisbane, I could help you achieve it with a different installation using a Raspberry Pi.
  3. Oh, when are you running this again? I'd love to come along.
  4. Yeah, I'm after a tri-sync monitor in a Sammy Atomiswave, Egret 2 or 3 body. If it was in Brisbane, I'd be happy to pay over $2000 if it's in good condition. I want to run a custom J-Pac setup into it, so having a tri-sync monitor opens up the library of games and SwitchRes frequencies between console and arcade games.
  5. I think I need to network more and go visit some people ^_^
  6. I'd love to come and have a look at this process one day. I don't have the skills to do it myself, but it's fascinating.
  7. I wouldn't mind paying above the market value for one in good condition. I just don't know many people around Brisbane that is even into this sort of thing.
  8. Wow! This one is $4500AUD after conversion over in the states, but it looks like it's been sitting on eBay for a while at that price.
  9. I'm happy to pay over $2000 if it's in good condition. I might check Japan and see what is available there too.
  10. Yeah, I won't be rotating it. I just want to play with it in horizontal most days. I'll hunt around for the Sammy Atomiswave. How much do they for these days?
  11. Yeah, I didn't realise that. I've seen them lined up in a row in the Japanese arcades in Akihabara years ago now. They were mostly running vertical shooter games back then.
  12. Nice one! I'll lookout for a Sammy Atomiswave as they look fairly similar to the shape of the Taito Egret 3 models too.
  13. Yeah, I'm looking for something that can do 15Hz as well mate. Thank you for the offer though; I appreciate your response.
  14. Thank you so much guys for the feedback and information. Yeah, I'm searching for the Taito Egret 3 for its tri-sync monitor capabilities. Are there any other cabinets that have this sort of monitor? I expect to pay over $2500 for something in decent condition. The issue is finding one these days. I have contacted a supplier over in Japan as a backup, but ideally, I'd like to get something from someone here.
  15. I didn't get much response on this the first time. A few people have said that @dragonlee might have some Taito Egret cabinets. Is anyone in the market to sell their Candy Cabinet? I'm open to negotiate a generous price for something that is in good condition, serviced and well taken care of.
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