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  1. Yup my mistake, they're the chassis ground wires. Sparks primarily around the coiled sections of the wires (second pic). To clarify - the monitor is not connected to mains earth. Monitor is completely isolated apart from the power hot and power neutral, and the video out cable. The arcade cabinet does have a ground connection, which does loop back to the earth on the power cord (can see in first pic at the very bottom right), but the monitor's ground is just the monitor chassis and is isolated from the arcade cabinet. The monitor ground does not connect to the arcade cabinets ground.
  2. I'm a bit lost with this issue, I have a monitor from a Crisis Zone arcade system (also common on Silent Scope, Time Crisis 2, etc.), and when I went to turn it on I've had this experience: * Sizzling sparks coming from the earth wires around the rear of the tube where it contacts the tube. * Electron gun seems to be firing (can see that with the lights off), but there's no picture on the screen, the screen is just completely black. * The H-position trimpot broke during a move (snapped in half due to weight being applied on it). This is on an isolated control board and it was the only component affected. I replaced this one today. * Can't see any damage to the boards or any blown capacitors as far as I'm looking I'm not sure what's happened, the neck board/neck may have been bumped during a move, but other than that I can't think of anything that would've caused this. Was working fine a year ago. Mainboard is DS-2907M, neckboard is DS-2905N, control board is DS2905C About the only info I can find even tangentially related is this PDF for a similar ducksan monitor: https://www.arcade-museum.com/manuals-monitors/Ducksan_CGM1301_monitor_repair.pdf Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hi, I picked up this monitor recently and just need a little help with it, from what I understand the monitor was from a game called "Major Title" a golf game (https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=8603) But I'm not certain of the following: 1. What voltage should be supplied? The monitor says AC 100V, but the chassis says 125V? What's the deal with that? I currently use both 110V and 100V step down transformers to power my USA and Japanese consoles, but I kind of lost here as to what I should use? Any recommendations? Should I should buy a new step down transformer? Can you even get 240V to 125V transformers? 2. There are two red wires next to a PTH45IC degaussing thermistor, which is next to the Degauss coil. I have no idea what these two red wires do. They look like they're connected to J114 on the circuit board. These two red wires connect to the main connector for the chassis, which contains the AC power wiring, and the RGB signal. Anyone know what the two red wires are for? I'm planning on building a new cab for this monitor, and creating a MAME setup focuses on 240p content, hoping to get it going for things like SF3 3rd Strike, Metal Slug, Deathsmiles, etc. I'm thinking of going with a retropie build eventually, but I need to test out and hook up this monitor to a console just to get it running and confirm it's all good. Any help would be much appreciated.
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