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  1. Buy a touchscreen overlay to the size you need. (windows pc). Something like this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/170891838585?hash=item27c9f28479:g:NtMAAOxy43FRZ~8E Connect and setup up. ELO touchscreen properties-> mode -> mouse emulation Mame options -> default game options -> controller mapping -> lightgun device-> change to lightgun Start any touchmaster game tab -> controls in this game -> arrow down to touchscreen and hit enter then press the touchscreen with your finger. This will set up the "click" I don't have any touchscreens anymore but this works no problem. Copied art of this from an old post but I was using touch stuff in mame years ago Cheers, Brad
  2. Trying to get back there ourselves. Fingers crossed nest year or year after! Brad
  3. Fine for me on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Samsung Tablet. Brad
  4. Yep, very regular haunt for me on weekends. We'd hop the 1 hour train journey into the city and spend the day there unbeknownst to our parents 😁
  5. Fantastic write up and loving the progress. Another rarity saved from the scrapyard. Well done! Brad
  6. Agreed. I've had notes, software and links to similiar projects for a few years now. On the project list backlog 😉 Brad
  7. We had planned to go to Europe this year......alas who know when that will happen 😞 Looking for a nice coastal stay over later in the year instead. Haven't decided where yet Brad
  8. What a fantastic setup! Well done and I'm a little jealous 😉 Brad
  9. Marine Parts Retailers have items similiar/same as these. Examples: https://www.jaycar.com.au/twin-m8-power-distribution-posts-with-bridge-plate/p/SZ2092?gclid=CjwKCAjw4qCKBhAVEiwAkTYsPMcv8KR1nYSJRWpGMjYpUFxEKX7kdZLVctzx2cksg4ToygWAxYjZuhoCKEcQAvD_BwE https://www.theboatwarehouse.com.au/electrical-battery-solar/electrical-connectors-terminals/minibus-common-bus-bar-including-cover-100a-4-terminal/?gclid=CjwKCAjw4qCKBhAVEiwAkTYsPOUynDgMCbnHSYN86P-4wAZ7hrlY8KiuTS4vbII84shsj4vaTs32lxoCKgAQAvD_BwE You should search for bus bars as that is what they're called. Tonnes of results in google. As Doug said though, be careful Cheers, Brad
  10. Absolute classic car! I'm jealous and if it comes up anything like your pins it will be amazing. Brad
  11. I've always just used a slightly damp cloth and sometimes a little spray and wipe. Never had a problem as its normally just dust. Brad
  12. This is what I think of this idea:
  13. It seems to me that the pinball industry has gone into Hollywood recycle mode 😞 Brad
  14. Brad

    Media Server

    Very nice! I just use a NAS these days in headless mode. I do have a couple of re-purposed old photo processing kiosks for music and music videos though which are great as they're touchscreen enabled with a nice interface. My media server runs Plex and Emby for all types of media and I have COPs running on it for my book library. All media accessed from any device in the house. Brad
  15. No way in hell I'd use acrylic for a cocktail cab. In an upright for bezel or marquee no problem but cocktail cabs are made for resting a beer on, or tools, items etc 😉 and if you have kids good luck keeping it scratch free. Brad
  16. Its agile development methodology. All the big players generally use it these days. I mean Microsoft? Look at PC and Console games. I'm surprised your surprised 🙂
  17. Final update. Marquee has arrived fresh from noodleshirt and looks fantastic backlit. Thanks for the result @MamePatrol Cheers, Brad
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