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  1. Do you mean the Forum? http://www.freeboxjukebox.com/Forum/index.php I can prod Barry if you like? Cheers, Brad
  2. Nordbeat is good and I own a copy. Also paid for it but got a special on it before it went free. I use E-Touch though. Been using it for years across a few different jukeboxes. Like Nordbeat is had kiosk mode and security. Can also do Music Videos outputting to a second screen if you like. Supports Karaoke too if thats your thing 😉 http://www.freeboxjukebox.com/ Brad
  3. Its better than the 1st one you listed. The design is not a classic design but a copy of a home custom cab made years ago. Its a slimline format that used an LCD monitor. I personally like the look better than the other though still not a classic arcade machine. The other thing is it uses an all-in-one jamma board and has multiple consoles ready to go. The downside to that it is you probably won't be able to add any games to that board. The upside is, since its jamma you can purchase and swap out any number of jamma boards. I would not accept those bat style joysticks though. Still on the expensive side but since you don't want to roll your own its not a bad option and Zax has been around for years. Brad
  4. Even a different wrap, its an ugly machine. Horrible design, 32" widescreen holy hell yuck. Totally odd shape. I've also setup plenty of console emulation on some of my machines and apart from some, many games, especially Playstation and newer are plainly not suited for it. They're designed for gamepads not arcade controls. Even if you used wireless gaming pads or something, try and comfortably play one of those games sitting or standing in front of that monstrosity Brad
  5. Can't add much more than the above however my opinion: Dog Ugly Horribly Expensive I suspect a drive-by ad Brad
  6. A pretty subtle one Jeff 😆 I responded and linked to the artwork files in a PM response I got. I'll link here as well if anyone is interested. Note that I still have not gotten around to scanning the back of the glass yet (life got in the way) Also I have not moved on since my last post. Embarrassing but I got frustrated with the issue and put it aside for a bit. Unfortunately, that bit is a little longer then anticipated 😨 High Quality jpeg: https://harmoniseit.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/re-touch_wip.zip AI Vector File: https://harmoniseit.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/agogobackglass_wip.zip Cheers, Brad
  7. Mmmm beer day was good, maybe a little too good 😉 Thanks guys! Brad
  8. What if we don't want to be found? 😉
  9. For me it's going to depends on what genre/era games you want to play and of course then personal preference. Personally i love the Ball Top Mag Stick Pluses but a lot of people complain about the stiffness or short throw. Brad
  10. Yep, we've gotten older 😆
  11. I've had one of those before and mine was definitely and LAI. That control panel slides out when locking clips are undone via the front door. Cheers, Brad
  12. Good price for the unit and inclusions! Brad
  13. Sounds like the SD Card might be dead. You can re-image a new one and try Brad
  14. Sorry meant to say an MCA would NOT feel right in a Stargate. Every one I saw back in the day used a ball top joystick so highly recommend one of those if you can. Of course your choice 🙂 Brad
  15. Since you want Sydney Austin Amusements sell leaf switch arcade buttons as do other suppliers around the country. They are a really nice alternative to the classic micro-switch and many early arcade games used them. https://www.austinamusements.com.au/collections/ebay-auctions For the Joystick, almost any arcade stick will come with a restrictor plate to limit movement 2/4/8 way. If you really want it to look and feel original you'll want a ball top joystick with 2-way restrictor plate. NEVER install those horrible bat-style joysticks. The ball tops were installed in most early machines until MCA really took a chunk of market in Australia. Probably because they're much hardier. MCA's also come with directional restrictor if you went down that path but it would look or feel right in a Stargate Machine imo Brad
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