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  1. I've never heard of them either but according to their website they have a showroom in Alexandria Sydney I note the image of jukeboxes uses a Poker Machine. Also 6500 games on the arcade machines. Won't be legal that's for sure Brad
  2. Very definitely get a spare battery. The run time on these is 30 minutes which is really very good but if you're out and about that can run down pretty quick. I've gotten used to being able to take off, get the shots I want and land again to conserve power but an hours combined flight time is generally enough. Return to home automatically on low power is a great feature. It knows how much battery life it needs to get back and auto adjusts. I also got a carry case that now holds both batteries, drone, remote, 2 spare sets of props, filter set, dual battery charger and all needed cables!
  3. As per he rules, can you please state a price in your post. I cannot see it anywhere
  4. Been a while since I've posted some photos: Shorncliffe Pier - Brisbane Kings Beach Surf Club - Queensland Kings Beach looking towards Bribie Island
  5. Per the rules you must state a price on any For Sale thread.
  6. As per the rules, you must have a price on any For Sale item
  7. An archive of the site downloads on archive.org here. I've tested and downloaded both links http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.xgameroom.com/downloads/maximus/*
  8. This is an old "problem" but if my dusty memory serves the way around it is to use your video cards OR windows rotate monitor settings. You'd have to do this via Auto-Hot-Key or batch files are similiar. Don't ask me for details as it was a long time ago, I just know some clever people have created a complex way to do it. As Pat as stated its not native to Mame. Cheers, Brad
  9. I've had a quick look and haven't found an option yet. Not saying one doesn't exist but if it does it needs to work with this platform. I'll keep looking. Brad
  10. Wow, that looks really good inside that front-end. Well done 🙂
  11. Its Hawkings Point lookout with Picnic Bay in the background and Rocky point is on the drone side so can't see it. Rocky Bay image below 😉
  12. Thanks guys, Had an awesome day with family and a typical brewery visit. AND my footy team won...a rare event 😉 Cheers, Brad
  13. I don't believe there is a Golden Tee 2006? Its certainly not listed on arcademuseum or anywhere else I've looked? So which version do you really need? Edit: Just saw the greater than sign 😅 my bad
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