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  1. Wow that's amazing stuff right there and thank you for sticking with the old site 🙂. Thread rated 5 Stars.
  2. Your Karnov board is faulty, you could try reseating all the socketed IC's and ribbon cables (if applicable). You'd have to find somebody to repair it or maybe just throw a multigame board in the cab.
  3. Interesting. I recently picked up the Retro IC tester as a kit, will keep an eye on this one 🙂
  4. I should get around to that. You can just paypal to paypal@aussiearcade.com if you like. Thanks you guys for your contribution to the site.
  5. Marquee looks like something you can get from Bunnings. @furballx helped me get mine years ago from a company down south. He might know.
  6. These are the ones I have. This size is pretty common for early Atari arcade machines but I can't be sure for Space Invaders.
  7. I think Asteroids Deluxe uses 15w. I'll have to check my spares.
  8. I wouldn't be putting a shaker in a old game like that.
  9. Here's mine I got from a kerbside pickup. Its got a scart input and the picture is second to none. Only downside is it's not stereo 😞 would love to modify this or find a Stereo model with scart.
  10. Welcome to Aussie Arcade!
  11. What do they use for the home switch? an opto?
  12. You click on any pic and it opens into a lightbox/slideshow.
  13. You don't often see failed Triac but anything is possible especially if you have tested the string with an external psu. Seems a bit odd the fuse is holding without 121 plugged in...... Has the connector been wired up correctly?
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