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  1. Love it. There was a similar thread years ago with some funky stuff in it too.
  2. I'm not part of the circle so no idea what happens on FB....kind of the least of my cares or worries atm to be honest. I love my drama free bubble.
  3. I think its a case of people know one another now and private meets are far more common.
  4. Apparently a lot of forum software have removed the member list because spammers use them to contact people.
  5. Maybe here for VP stuff? https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/13-virtual-pinball-projects-and-discussion/
  6. Not liking my chances but have a customer missing the whole top of the Satellite assembly (Everything above the PF). Perhaps somebody sold this machine a while back and forgot to throw in the assembly? They included a new dish but that's no help 😞
  7. I don't want Mendoza's group links posted up on AA Thanks.
  8. Not 100% related but I'm going through the old AA Photopost folders from a back up First 450 pics are up. If you have any info on the pics please leave a comment 🙂 More to come.
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