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  1. Not directly what you are after but I thought I'd post the one for the upright just in case somebody comes looking. If you find a good version of the one you are looking for don't forget to repost for future AA's
  2. Long shot but working on a semi restored Funhouse with a repro playfield and found the Rudy's hideout metal guide to be missing. It's roughly 59-60mm long and sits in the position above. Luckily I had another funhouse here
  3. Ok I'm weak! I admit it! Another x68000 Grey keyboard. All 3 machines have Keyboards now...Even better condition than the last one but missing one of the stands at the back. Intersting how this one has the x68000 written in gold, I wonder what model its from. Next was a x68000 to VGA cable. Lastly is the awesome Roland SC-8850....Listening to Doom as I type this.....amazing!
  4. I've done some spring cleaning of this thread and re-uploaded the missing files in the first few posts.
  5. So you get the rug pattern which from memory is the ram test then blank screen? It could suggest bad ram. Been a long time since I've worked on one of these let alone any Williams board.
  6. +5 is the most important. -5 isnt even used on a 1000 in 1 or if going MAME as previously stated you'd probably be using a PC PSU anyway. No real need to adjust 12 volts either.
  7. Man I still kick myself in the head for the amount of big box games I threw away over the years!
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