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  1. I haven't seen any post numbers in the new software. Just go to the post you want to share Click on this icon and select "share" then cut and paste the provided URL into your post. For Example here's the link to your post above
  2. Having said that happy to verify both sets John.
  3. Still plenty of those guys here, its never going to be like it was. I've noticed more people posting up restores since the new forum software went up which is fantastic and some old members returning. Some people were struggling with the VBulletin 5 "update"...more like downgrade.
  4. Last hijack for me (I promise) The decision was made to combine all three because 99% of comps are Pinball anyway and the new Event Calendar. If you haven't already check out the Event page and Calendar. It's really made it much easier to search for events and the associated thread that goes with it. I understand your second comment and welcome any constructive criticism and comments. The whole point of pouring so much money, time and effort into the new forum software was due to user feedback. Of course I'm going to be a little sensitive after all the work that went in 😉
  5. True. The last 5 years has seen a big change the hobby in general and the sky rocketing cost of pinball has priced the average Joe out of the market. Social media has also greatly impacted the traditional forum and made people lazy. I miss the days where people actually engaged in discussion rather than lazily hitting a like button. There's still plenty of us tinkerers around though so don't count old AA out just yet 🙂. I was completely humbled by all the people who put their money down to upgrade this site and while the donations still flow AA will stay up. If you read the updates mate there wouldn't be an issue. There was a poll open for weeks asking if the New Pinball and Pinball sections should be merged where the majority vote was to merge to save on clutter. If you "follow" the content you're are interested in you will get notification as long as you've set email and push notifications up. 7 people are already following this thread. Same goes for the Tournament sections. We had THREE sections that have been merged into 1 https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/46-competitions-tournaments-and-general-meets/ Also we have the Events and Calendar which people have been actively using (Thank You) These sort of comments are not very productive or helpful mate. If you have an issue post it up in the Help section or PM me directly, I'm always keen to make this more user friendly. Here's the Poll, I can still put the section back with enough votes.
  6. Sad news indeed. I remember reading the old computers mags back in the 80's and giggling at the screen shots for ZX Spectrum games but now I have a deep respect for them and their place in computer history. If you haven't seen it already highly recommend watching Micro Men. RIP Sir Clive.
  7. Maybe, but its more than likely this title isn't attracting the interest other recent games have like Mandalorian and Guns n Roses.
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