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  1. 4642.........top of the board!😜.......sorry Capp, couldn't help myself!
  2. 241,140........really hard to get any flow happening with this game. I seem to spend the whole time just trying not to lose the ball.
  3. 63,674,620....... nothing like just flailing around with no idea what you're doing.
  4. Best not to venture down there then.😀
  5. You need to hit the targets in the lower playfield to operate the gate so that it doesn't drain when it comes back up the top.
  6. Yep, I sort of broke it. The ball jumped up off the flippers and just landed there as though it was a ridge where the main playfield met the clear cover for the lower. It just kept rolling from side to side, undecided as to crossing the event horizon or not, but a decent nudge dislodged it. Happy to be on the podium with a 6610...........it'll give me something to work with.😊
  7. 699,363,830.....a minor upgrade. That could be it for me on this one, it hurts too much! Also, I reckon 25 years for auto theft seems a bit steep!
  8. Do I get any points for doing this? VID_20220610_183104.mp4
  9. 190,080.....still got some work to do.
  10. 1,841,470....... thought I'd make you play again Russty.😁
  11. 127,120.......this is a new one to me too. I reckon there are going to be some big scores - that "collect bonus" is the key I think.
  12. Couldn't agree more! It's the same with darts or pool - no grog, no good.....a reasonable amount, very good.....too much, no good again.
  13. 388,207,280 - picked up one place.....for now.
  14. It's usually number 1 on a keyboard I think.
  15. Thanks Russty - I missed that in the original post. Like a bloody emu, I just went for the first shiny new thing I spotted.
  16. 1,449,930..... sneaking up on ya Russty.
  17. I'm not sure which version I'm playing, but it's the one that Rusty linked in the first post. It's a non-stop flip-fest..... I pretty much have to put my entire forearms in an ice bath after every game! That's why I've only played 2 games so far.
  18. 637,337,200.......this game is pretty bloody demanding on the old carpal tunnels! I might have to retire hurt.
  19. 251,352,380....... didn't have this one on my machine so I thought I'd post my first game, just in case this is as good as it gets.
  20. I haven't played it much, so I'm nowhere near working out what's going on, but I'm enjoying it. You're right, there's plenty going on! I do have a bit of a problem seeing the ball when I first start playing it - so many different bright colours for the ball to get lost in. I get the same issue with other similarly coloured games, but after a while you just get used to it , probably because you get to know where the ball should be at any given point. A bit like watching a show with subtitles - annoying at first, but after a while it just seems to flow.
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