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  1. Here's that info. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=69
  2. Nice score. I reckon if I set mine to 25 balls I'd still be battling to top that Russty! 😲
  3. 10,680,000.....took a while, but I finally beat my highscore. Didn't gain a place, but some nice insurance.
  4. I can see it. Nice score......maybe Russty has selective blindness. 😁
  5. 4 of us playing a 5 ball game.......can we blame the beer?
  6. I think your cutting and pasting went a bit wonky there JAR. You've got references to Mata Hari and the download links are also for Mata Hari.🤪
  7. 5,500,000.......still well short of my highscore on this one.
  8. Cheers Russty. I was a bit late to the party this week.
  9. 4,700,060.…..... there's more where that came from....... I hope.😎
  10. I thought that was the same version that I already had on my cab....maybe not - I'll check.
  11. It doesn't seem to award the 50k when the outlanes are lit either??? Not that you need any help Kane, but this version does. https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11882
  12. 403,130 I thought I had another decent contender for 'least improved'. Then I topped it......398,170.
  13. Just got one of those and $4.6mil in the vault assault.....and a couple of very sore wrists!
  14. 2,682,680.....right, well this one is nice and confusing! Thanks Kane.😄
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