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  1. We'll, it's finally here. I've been on the hunt for one of these for the past 5 years. Due to the overall size, weight and age they seem extremely rare at this point and I'm not sure how many still exist in Australia. Where did it finally pop up? Lloyds. Did I have to pay more than people normally would? I assume so, if its anything like their pinballs. Still, there was heavy bidding between a few of us so must be desired by a few people at least. Things to note - Cabinet that housed screen extremely poor condition (destroyed in shipping), rear projection went out at some stage and a modern LCD has been retro fit sitting on a stool. I planned to this and have my cabinet maker create a new slim line regardless so no major loss with recreated artwork. The front plastic is still unbroken which is the main part that attaches to the face of the cabinet. Things to do? Re-chrome, clean, assemble, make sure it works? Buff plastics, reupholster seat and rear padding... Reproduce some images for controls. Thankfully the main base is metal and very sturdy and seems undamageable. I've attached a picture of how I received and left it for the time been, as a friend had just been alerted they are covid positive and will be staying in my warehouse / office to keep away from his kids and misses for the next 14 days since they have thankfully come back negative at this stage 5 days in. So for now it sits, and waits but hopefully before Christmas I can having it look somewhat like I remember in Segaworld as a kid (Just a modern slimmed down version) Picture attached of what it would originally looked like shipped! High res photos of these? Non existent to! So will be looking out for someone I can get photos from for recreating the art. Cheers,
  2. Thanks for the suggestion have just requested to join!
  3. Hey guys looking for any CRT monitors happy to travel and pay decent coin for them, anything brand name is even more desirable. In the process of setting up the final dream games room in the new house just finished and wanting a retro PC corner, can find the towers easily enough (even these are getting harder to find) but finding any matching CRT's for these is becoming impossible. Not looking for any $400 Diamond heavily desired kind of thing, just anything black or white! Cheers.
  4. Dam... I've got alerts on ebay and gumtree but nothing yet. The physical size of the machine not sure how many survived rare to begin with.
  5. Long shot and will travel interstate from Sydney for pick up. Inbox me with anything.
  6. What can I say the internet is an amazing place sometimes, there was 2 optics inside of a bit of heat shrink tapped together stuffed down the back of the machine near the power supply once I did some digging. Would of never found this by myself or ever been alerted what I was doing wrong I figured the main door was open and gremlins had gotten involved. Thanks @BoardMan and @pauly540. If your ever on the south coast and in need of a beer and feed let me know.
  7. Sadly the pins don't appear to be the same as on the qld board? As weird as that would be. I did find what I believe is connected to the memory chips in the same place and shorted them out and have highlighted below but still nothing. 1. Short out 2. Insert Board 3. Same error as seen below 4. Turn audit key to get into setup 5. 3 way memory error clear with take win + play 1 6. Nothing.
  8. Just a quick update in case anyone googles and this issue comes up since I couldn't find it from search, I've replaced the mainboard and batteries and still the same error message. At least I have a spare main board when it goes wrong now eventually. Proper ram clear? No.. we'll according to the diagnostics it's just telling me to press take win and line 1 at the same time to reset the memory which isn't doing much of anything. Any pointers would be much appreciated on how to do a proper clear but. Cheers.
  9. No hadn't looked at replacing the batteries on the board since it was still booting and not throwing any battery errors.. But now you mention it has been sitting for quite awhile before that unused. I'll order some new batteries now, I already have a new main board on the way. If it turns out to be the batteries... I have spares I guess? :unsure :sleep Thanks for the input and help, I'll let you know how I go.
  10. Hey all, Long time. I should really post updated pictures of my games room and arcade room it's only been a good 10 years. First things first, I've been able to repair any problems I've had over the years with this machine myself but it's thrown me for a loop this time. And I'm not sure how many people on here if any would have any experience with this... I'm getting ***3 Way Memory Error in active lookups on my Mk6 where's the gold machine, it's telling me the repair for this is to reset the memory by returning to the main configuration menu and pressing Play 1 Line and Take win buttons at the same time with the main door and logic board door open. Sadly, nothing happens except a quick flash of the screen? :unsure Any ideas? And if anyone is on the South Coast and available to provide support more than happy to pay for your time and help. Cheers.
  11. Dont mean to be a pain but I never recieved mine the first time around, is there somehow you can check if it sent or not? Cheers. :)
  12. http://www.staticice.com.au searches all Australian retailers and computer stores for the cheapest prices. I picked one up on sale for $195. Cheapest on there at the moment is $210 you can get them under that from the states but rather always deal locally. :)
  13. Hell you can get 1TB drives for $200 these days :)
  14. No coin mechs anymore, all pre loaded cards at time zone etc. *Wonders if you could program credits on at home like austar cards*
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