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  1. Saw this for sale on Pinside. beautiful machine for not much. https://pinside.com/pinball/market/classifieds/ad/91499 https://www.ipdb.org/search.pl?any=s...archtype=quick
  2. Been watching the Umbrella thing too. Alright if you're not too far gone.
  3. Thanks mate, yes in addition. Excellent day btw, played all afternoon and finished a dollar in front!
  4. It's getting closer all the time Travis. Harwood bridge is open now and the time is down to not m over 3 hours. Going past on Thursday, picking up a Spa at Yatala for the pinny area. You are the type of player i hope comes. Keen to learn new things.
  5. As i expected. You have me wrong and rather than prove what you incorrectly said that i was abusing people you back away. Your site, your rules. But please stop laying false allegations against me. I was trying to do the right thing and ask permission first, as usual.
  6. That's you're opinion. Now 'hurled unprovoked abuse' please?
  7. You keep making these statements and telling these lies about me Travis. Please quote in this thread where i 'cracked the shits' (my only statement is that i an NOT upset, merely defensive), or where i 'hurled unprovoked abuse', or any 'abuse' for that matter. What abuse have i hurled? You follow me round making these allegations as if you have a personal agenda. If you can't back these two statements up within this thread please desist from the lies.
  8. Not sure if this should go here, but open invite to AA members for a bit of fun on a Tuesday afternoon at the Woopi Freeballers. We'll be trialing a social pinball comp where it's allowed to have a side wager on a game. The intent of this is not to have anyone make money or go home rich. If you want to cover your fuel costs even you better be within a few minutes drive :p The intention is to add a little bit of interest and a nice relaxed atmosphere, we're not talking sheep stations with a 4 player game having a prize pool of $4. 1pm kickoff, byo everything (pinball machines provided). Send a PM or look me up on the Woopi Freeballers FB page and send a message for the address. Hope to see you there. I'll update this as we go and let people know what sort of numbers we end up with ect. Hopefully a bit of fun.
  9. Yes, the machines are not run as part of my business. The people playing them are not my employees. I'm a sole trader. Noone pays a cent to come here, in fact i usually bung food and chuck something in the bowl. One of the main reasons i'm extending to this and posting it here is that i'm hoping to bring a couple of local or travelling members out of hiding and entice them into visiting. There's nothing better to improve your skills than playing against someone heaps better than you. I made my best improvements to my game the couple of times i came last at Bennies. $1 is a cheap lesson and i don't mind being trounced if i learn one new thing. Good thing is now i know it's OK to ask about it here, should have been more direct in the first place but i was trying not to upset people. LookHowThatTurnedOutPunkin
  10. I'm not upset, just seems that everyone else can invite people to their house to play pinball cept me. If people don't want others to get defensive then they should stop poking others. People are stating things as certain fact, i spent 20 years in workplace industrial relations and i know that some of the things that are being stated as knowledge are bullshit. If i can't have friends over to play my pinball machines because my insurance is worthless as my machines aren't tested and tagged, how can people with home liability have people over without the same thing? How can you let someone put the jug on or change the record? I know it's a place of business (at times, in parts), but that is something i'd like to see linked to (and has **** all to do with my question).
  11. Thanks could you post a link that tells me that, must be a fact from the way you stated it? I'm in NSW if that helps. I'm not offering the $1? It's 4 people having a side bet, nothing to do with me. Saw it mentioned that it's ok at the Australian Championships, guess it's not ok for us small town hacks. Anyway, invite withdrawn for anyone who wanted to have a good time. Hope all those who have house ball and share their machines are listening to the Chicken Littles.. You people well and truly deserve the world you are creating. TheEndPunkin
  12. Yeah i'm enjoying it mate. You'll have to come down for a weekend and stay here, specially since i got some neat games to play now and they are mostly going most days, mostly.
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