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  1. I was having a drink with Trav and Kurt sat night when we heard the news. We raised a glass and saluted him and started telling Yee stories. What a fantastic guy and what fantastic memories he created for so many of us. That photo on his balcony! One of the best afternoons I've ever had we were all laughing so much at the Pincade shenanigan's.Great to see that pic at Mega Meat above where i first met him. Lovely words furby and vale Yee - if all we leave is the memories then you left us the better for knowing you and sharing so many good times. You will be missed.
  2. Hi Guys, A friend has asked me about https://arcadeclassics.com.au/produc...ball_machines/ I've never dealt with them and was wondering if anyone had dealings? Please don't post anything negative in this thread. If you have had issues then please PM me... All feedback valuable. Thanks Stu
  3. I liked the new midway movie. When you realise how important midway was to the result in ww2 it gives it more punch. Japs had a bit of bad luck and the yanks were desperate after pearl harbour. critics didn’t seem to like it but I rate it...
  4. Both you guys from the last 2 posts are on dual mechanisms meds. The Amlodipine doesn’t carry increased risk but the other mechanism for both of you is the ARB - olesartan and atacand is also an ARB. You are on both mechs because one on its own prob won’t do the job. Talk to your GP for sure but I expect the best way to move forward is accept you are high risk and take extra precautions to avoid this thing...in simple terms when you are on a more complex mix it’s safer to stay with it. GP’s are aware of the problems with arbs and will weigh all the factors and advise accordingly but if you recognise that you’ll get a rougher ride then it should help you to be more careful re avoidance. Be safe!
  5. that's a fair article. ACE2 receptors are are being touted as anti-inflammatory's for lung tissue. there are many anti-inflammatory's that act the same way. I'm not sure I would use an anti-inflammatory that is the primary mechanism for Covid for entering the body. seems a little counter-productive I would think. As I've said from the beginning make your own choices based on what is known so far. Given there is not perfect information then my logic has been to look at what information is available and reduce risk if you can do easily.
  6. well a box is normally 30 days. i would suggest talking to your GP and switching ASAP for what its worth. that one will take about 8 days after you stop taking it to be clear of your body.
  7. heya wayne its an ace inhibitor. it scores 2/3 on the bad list. talk to the GP and get changed to amlodipine to reduce risk. cheers
  8. I think we are close to a very effective treatment protocol - to quote Trump (whom I acknowledge is a moronic idiot) this means cure. There was a well documented French Trial using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to tret covid-19. Once again not peer reviewed and not a large enough sample size to tick the A+ boxes of the scientific method savants but Novartis has stated they have fast tracked 120M dose regimes ready to go. Only moderate to acute symptoms will need treatment meaning that if it proves to be as effective as the trial then this problem will be gone in the next month or two. Both these drugs have been through the FDA and TGA. Its a powerful combo but if it does the job... Remesdivir (aids drug) is also showing a lot of promise. A vaccine will never arrive in time to fix the problem and loss of life if it is not fixed. I am hopeful. :-)
  9. OP maths is sketchy if a piece of gold is worth $1000 USD then its worth $1724 AUD (@58c). I think just converting the wrong direction. Our currency is a function of two main things - the amount of demand for our exports - think iron ore and the level of our interest rates relative to other countries. If we have higher interest rates our currency will go up as OS funds flow into oz to get the higher int rates. vice versa if our rates are low relative... If Iron Ore demand is high (i.e china is not shut) then our currency goes up along with iron ore prices (and other mineral and agricultural exports) so our currency has gone backwards recently because a) china s shut and b) our rates have dropped. As an interesting aside my oldest son (2nd year at UQ in honors finance) entered a Citigroup competition last week to invest $50M USD in the current markets with a 6 month view. They had to invest in currency, commodities and equities(shares). In theory, not real dollars. His currency moves were to short the Indian rupee, long the aussie and south korean currencies. Rationale is India is going to be devo'd. They have 4.3 test kits per 1M people. South Korea got sold off badly when it first got there but they have it under control and currency will bounce. Aussie dollar will go up when China re-opens which is starting to happen. I think the USD will shorten like it did in 2008/2010 in the next 3 months - get ready to grab that container of games..
  10. geez. you too.you look just the same.HB. ;-)
  11. fark. HB trav. I remember were you were just a 30yo boy. so cute :P
  12. yeah agree. read what I said about not having a full scientific study to back it yet. the heart foundation are't the type of organisation to make a recommendation that is not fully backed by a study. Personally, I'm not prepared to wait for this.People should make up their own minds but if you can change to a potentially lower risk situation (pending the study) then that seems sensible to me.
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