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  1. Finally found the time to edit it together. You can see the attention to detail and quality in every shot. Haggis has done a spectacular job. Proud of our Aussies! And it's no longer in my shed, we finished moving house, and it's now set up at the new place getting a lot of love. Thanks for watching.
  2. Working on a little video, ready in a few days after I finish moving house.
  3. Yes has leg protectors, quite thick too from memory, pleasantly surprised.
  4. Exciting night! Brad who works with Bill dropped it to me at 9pm tonight and we spent a couple good hours unboxing over a beer and having a game. Quality is second to none, really every component has been made with care and it looks and plays beautifully. Seriously stunning, and honors the game perfectly. We were oohing and saying damn that's nice, with every reveal. It's a massive undertaking to have made this to this standard. The new code is also a lot of fun from what I played of it. I've taken video footage but it's too late to put anything together now at midnight... Hopefully over the weekend. I'll just post a few pics tonight. Great job to Damien and the Haggis team. This sure is something else. Very cool. Can't wait to get it into the new house after we move next week. Straight to the pool room! 😁
  5. My place got hit over the weekend pretty hard with over a metre of water. Warning: Some difficult to see images attached! I was hoping to not get these out there yet, but the couple of people I showed caused a few shares and before I knew it - it was up on Kaneda, Pinside, Reddit, Knapp etc. Anyway, I have several people working on a plan to get them back to a state of normality. It'll take some time and some expense for sure, but, luckily the water did not go above half way up the glass, and the playfields seem to have fared better than expected, although it'll take a while to check every switch, and mech, and replace electricals and cabinets where needed. Thought I would share myself since it's out there any way, cause that way I feel more comfortable than strangers sending my images to public media for likes and clicks. I assume a few will message me - forgive me if I do not reply right away, as the house is undergoing a massive clean - the pinballs are only a fraction of the damage, and thankfully the family is safe. Getting that done is more urgent to me than answering messages yet - plus... it's a bit painful to discuss while the wound is open 🙂 This was in Hendra, Brisbane for the curious. I also ask if you plan on sharing this beyond here or simply tagging people (I will also post on Oz Wide), please message me - I'll probably be ok, I just appreciate the courtesy and was a bit miffed that on Day 1 of a hugely stressful cleanup, to see my pictures shared by pinball personalities, and opportunists on Pinside, one of which so kindly said 'who cares if you care'. Lesson learned - you can't wipe the internet. This is a hard week for the family, and there is still insurance considerations, so having this shared wide and far wasn't my preference on Day 1, but at least if I post it myself, then it's on me, which you may understand is a better scenario. These were my favorites downstairs in the bar (the bar is fubar too), but I have others to play in the meantime. My heart broke most for The Big Lebowski, so I guess I now know what my pride and joy machine really was. It and GNR CE were slightly raised by a trolley and a saw horse, which helped the playfields from getting submerged. There's been some commentary on if I could have saved them, but those who experienced this know how fast it rose, and to get help here in time with closed roads, and while we were cleaning 5 other rooms on the same floor as fast as it rose, and I can't imagine a solution where I could have saved more than even a couple if we had been quick enough. I have had some excellent suggestions on recovery of condition, but welcome the mind hive skill suggestions to get these back on their feet, and between that, and the illustrious Ray, and Arcade King of Brissy Repairs, Dicky, Rusty from Pinfix, Geoff of Pinball Perfection, Anthony, Nathan, Travis Bishop, Cranky, and David James, I feel like we will circle them with some good plans. Perhaps I should give Bruce a call at AMD as well, see if he can get cabs. Huge shout out to several of the above that gave us a place to sleep (Travis Bishop) and dropped what they could on Monday to come and get the machines out of there (Rusty, Ray, Grant, Nathan, Anthony), and to a better environment to dry. Others sent their best and offered help like Arcade King and Kurt Savage, and other non-pinball people volunteered their time on the other parts of the house. What great friends I have, very humbling. I won't forget this kind of thing. The best people. Thank you. I'll cetainly post the images of the working pins in a couple months when all is back and doing well. We will work hard on this, and the house repairs, and some things will never be replaced, but the family is safe and that's all that matters. Cheers, Alex Moss
  6. I guess as the seller didn't add a price it's ok to mention that these are in stock at Marco for those interested in one.
  7. This has been answered strangely. This isn't about, pointing fingers, calling out organizers or current attendees. It's a simple, hey guys, anyone feel like assisting cause I'm a bit busy of late. The right answer is, Great to hear you are busy. We've all been there. We have a little time to think about options, but glad you put it out there and we can all chat about it over a beer at the next houseball. Or if you are keen before then, shoot a message to Rusty. It's not really an analysis on the very fabric of houseball, no need to complicate things.
  8. I'll take them, cheers. Messaged you :)
  9. Sent you a PM, I'll take the Elvira shooter rod please :)​
  10. Thanks for hosting Beardy, mate. Was a great line up and good company, cheers for putting on a cracker event again.
  11. Yes that B division final was one to remember, great effort Sarah. Awesome night, thanks again to Ray and Reenie for welcoming us into your home, and the organizers of course, for a really polished houseball.
  12. Thanks for hosting Travis and Sarah, and inviting us into your beautiful home, glad I was able to make it in the end. Noah had a great time too. Awesome job Cranky with houseball this year. It was a difficult year, to get 6 done and run so well is commendable. Congrats Dicky on taking home the trophy, that TZ finale was a nail biter. Great to watch.
  13. Have fun. I'm enjoying this beautiful weather in Byron Bay and sorry I won't be able to make it. Actually it's pissing down here....
  14. Based on that, sounds like a beware is valid. Thanks for the heads up.
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