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  1. I guess as the seller didn't add a price it's ok to mention that these are in stock at Marco for those interested in one.
  2. This has been answered strangely. This isn't about, pointing fingers, calling out organizers or current attendees. It's a simple, hey guys, anyone feel like assisting cause I'm a bit busy of late. The right answer is, Great to hear you are busy. We've all been there. We have a little time to think about options, but glad you put it out there and we can all chat about it over a beer at the next houseball. Or if you are keen before then, shoot a message to Rusty. It's not really an analysis on the very fabric of houseball, no need to complicate things.
  3. I'll take them, cheers. Messaged you :)
  4. Sent you a PM, I'll take the Elvira shooter rod please :)​
  5. Thanks for hosting Beardy, mate. Was a great line up and good company, cheers for putting on a cracker event again.
  6. Yes that B division final was one to remember, great effort Sarah. Awesome night, thanks again to Ray and Reenie for welcoming us into your home, and the organizers of course, for a really polished houseball.
  7. Thanks for hosting Travis and Sarah, and inviting us into your beautiful home, glad I was able to make it in the end. Noah had a great time too. Awesome job Cranky with houseball this year. It was a difficult year, to get 6 done and run so well is commendable. Congrats Dicky on taking home the trophy, that TZ finale was a nail biter. Great to watch.
  8. Have fun. I'm enjoying this beautiful weather in Byron Bay and sorry I won't be able to make it. Actually it's pissing down here....
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